Lose Weight in 8 Program


How to Lose Weight in 8 Weeks without Going to Extremes to Get There

No More Eliminating Carbs or Sugar or Fat. No more boring workouts. No more confusion about where to start. And definitely no more hating the dressing room!

I know how confusing dieting and exercise can be... everyone tells you to do something different to lose the weight. But NOBODY tells you that you can drop the pounds without suffering.

They tell you to spend countless hours on the treadmill. They tell you to lift weights but you've never even ventured over to the weight room area of the gym and the thought is overwhelming and, frankly, a little terrifying. 

Then they hit you with all of the foods you can't have anymore. They tell you to give up sugar. They tell you that carbs are bad. They say don't eat a lot of fats. By the time you've added everything to the elimination list it feels like there's nothing left to eat! 

From now on, no more food restrictions, no crash diets, and no more dreading boring workouts.

We are about to take the confusion out of working out. We are going to show you that you can eat WHATEVER foods you like and still drop the pounds. 

So What is Lose Weight in 8?

Lose Weight in 8 is a program that I designed for the woman that is frustrated with all of the different ways she has tried to lose weight so far. It is designed for the woman who needs a solution that doesn't take over her life, but instead creates a healthy manageable lifestyle change. 

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This Program Includes

8 Weeks of Workouts

See how a combination of weight training & cardio can shrink and shape your body at the same time! - You CAN beat genetics and have the figure you want!

-3 Day Total Body Training Split Designed for Weight Lifting Beginners: with a new split every 2 weeks to keep your training exciting and prevent plateaus

-Extensive Video Exercise Database: Learn proper form for your exercises to activate the right muscles, see results as fast as possible, and prevent injuries

-2 cardio workouts per week: steady state and high intensity interval training workouts that kill boredom!

-Guide to Creating Your Own Split: so you can tailor your training to your time constraints, likes, and dislikes long after the program ends!

-Training Guidelines and Tips: so you never feel lost on how to train most effectively


Eat the Foods You Love & Lose Weight

I firmly believe that long lasting results come from a diet that feels sustainable and reasonable - no more cutting out the foods you crave. 

-A Step by Step Guide to Flexible Dieting: Learn how counting your macronutrients can and will change your life and how you view your diet

-A Step by Step Beginner's Guide to Establishing Your Macronutrient Targets: How to set your macros to reach ANY goal

-Grocery List Categorized by Macronutrients: Your cheat sheet to grocery shopping and meal planning so you can easily hit your macro targets and lose weight

Facebook Community

Accountability is your key to success. Surround yourself with people who will remind you why you started and give you the push you need if you fall off the wagon. 

-Gain Access to the Interactive Facebook Community to make friends with like minded, ambitious women with similar goals!

-NEVER feel alone again in your mission to get healthy!

-Q&A videos

-Bonus tips & guides to healthy mindset

-Get your questions answered so that you always feel confident in your plan of action

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The Fit Chick Behind the Program

Hi beautiful! My name is Emily, in case you're new here! A health nut of many many years who has been searching far and wide for a way to bring REAL knowledge and REAL results to people with the training and dieting methods that have worked tremendously for me. 

As a bikini fitness competitor, I have truly tried all of the dieting methods and training styles under the sun. The goal of a competitor is always to find the most effective way to achieve a physique that looks lean, toned, AND feminine all at the same time! 

After training and dieting down for several competitions during which I felt constantly exhausted, run down, and hungry as ever - seriously, I was craving ALL THE SWEETS - I decided there had to be a better way. 

The training style and dieting methods explained in this program are those that I use both on and off season. The best part? They are totally flexible to YOUR goals and can be easily maintained for years without feeling like you're suffering or ready to rebound. 

Cheers to the end of yo-yo dieting and hours and hours spent doing cardio!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this program work for me if I do not have a gym membership?

Unfortunately, the training portion of this program is designed for someone who has access to a gym. It does require access to gym cable machines and other gym equipment. 

What format is the content delivered in?

Mainly eBook format with video to supplement! The training and nutrition guides are delivered to you as PDF documents. There is also a video database of exercises that you will have access to via the email you provide at checkout.

Do You Offer Any Refunds or Guarantees?

Yes! If you go through the full 8 weeks, and do not see any results, you can email [email protected] to request a full refund. You will be asked to provide evidence that you have been following the training plan and nutritional guidance as stated in the plan and have not seen results. 

How Long Until I See Results?

That depends! There really is no one right answer here as your results depend on your dedication to the plan provided, your body, your metabolism, etc. If you are fully committed to following the plan, you should see progress in 2-4 weeks!

Is This Really Worth the Money?

The average price range of a SINGLE personal training session is $80-$125. Crazy, right? You're getting 8 weeks worth of workouts, a video database with How To's, AND a nutrition guide for $100... all from someone who has personally been in your shoes and is passionate about getting you the results you've dreamed about but haven't found yet.

Is My Credit Card Secure?

Yes! Credit card security is extremely important to me. That's why all purchases of this guide come through Stripe.

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