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Hey! I'm Emily!

For the last 4 years I have been helping women just like you build muscle, lose fat, and get strong. My real passion is for you to experience a lasting transformation inside AND out. 

Over my years of coaching, I realized there was something missing that kept so many women stuck in the same cycle of doing great with working out and eating and then totally falling off. It's like we think we have to do "all or nothing." 

I've experienced this myself! For several years I dove deep into the bodybuilding industry. I competed at the national level and lived, breathed, and ate the sport. I tracked every morsel of food and worked out 6 days a week (including Christmas.) 


I Realized the Hard Way That It's Not Realistic to Go All In

After ending up in the emergency room and having a severe battle with depression and anxiety, I struggled to uphold the high standards I had set for myself in my competition days. Working out 6 days a week felt impossible. I had zero drive to weigh all my food. I felt like if I didn't do these things, I was failing... And if I was failing, I might as well not try. Not to mention, I slowly started to -gasp- build a life outside of the gym! I was spending more time at church and more time with my loved ones and friends.

I was learning, not just to take care of the outside, but the inside too.

I was learning that health was so much more than just the way my body looked. 


That's When I Found a Healthier, Longer Lasting Way to Build Muscle, Lose Fat, and Get Strong.

I don't spend all my time at the gym anymore. I don't lug a food scale with me when I want to have a meal out with my hubby. I move in ways I enjoy, mixing lifting with group classes and cardio workouts that I love like spin. I feel free to pursue my goals in a way that compliments my life instead of hijacking it. And this is what I teach my clients! 

I help you build muscle, lose fat, and get strong without all of the ridiculous restrictions that keep you from ENJOYING life as you conquer your goals. Instead of overhauling your whole life at once, we focus on strategic habit changes you can maintain for the long haul. 

Interested in getting fit for life with me? 


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