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Upper Body Workout at the Gym

gym upper body workouts Nov 21, 2022

It's upper body day! YAY! You ready to work? This upper body workout should be heavy, heavy, heavy! We're doing 10-12 reps on each exercise and focusing on slow controlled lifts with proper form. This rep range is optimal for muscle growth. 

You will be working both the push muscles (chest, triceps, and shoulders) and pull muscles (back and biceps.) Let's get started!

Exercise Terms to Know

Last set: triple drop set until failure - Start by using the weight you used for your other sets. This is your heavy weight. Complete as many reps as possible with good form. Then decrease the weight by 10-30% and continue performing reps until you no longer can with good form. Drop the weight one more time and continue performing reps until you no longer can with good form.

Superset: Perform 2 exercises one after the other without rest in between.

The Workout

1. Dumbbell Bench Press - 4x12

2. Cable Seated Row - 4x10 (Last set: perform a triple drop set until...

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Strength Workout for Legs

glutes gym legs workouts Nov 14, 2022

Hi friend! I gave this gym workout a go this past week and I just HAD to share. Get ready for an intense glute and hamstring burn. Make sure you're really pushing weights that are heavy for you. It's not meant to feel comfortable. 

I tell my clients to pick a weight that allows them to complete the whole set with good form with about 2 reps left in the tank by the end of the set. If you're feeling like you could pump out another 5+ reps, girl, GIMME MORE WEIGHT! 

This training is specifically designed for building muscle size by using 10-12 reps per movement and one killer burnout drop set at the end. Get ready to push, push, push. Let's get started!

Exercise Terms to Know

Last set: triple drop set until failure - Start by using the weight you used for your other sets. This is your heavy weight. Complete as many reps as possible with good form. Then decrease the weight by 10-30% and continue performing reps until you no longer can with...

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Pull Workout

back gym pull workouts Nov 07, 2022

Get ready to build your back and biceps with these 5 staple pull day exercises. Today is all about the basics! We're doing 10-12 reps for this gym workout so pick weights that challenge you for that rep range. Let's do it!

The Workout

1. Barbell Row - 4x10

2. Lat Pulldown - 4x12

3. Seated Cable Row - 4x12

4. Assisted Pull Up - 4x10

5. Bicep Curl - 4x12

Barbell Row

Lat Pulldown

Seated Cable Row

Assisted Pull Up

Bicep Curl

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Intense Full Body Workout at the Gym

full body gym total body Oct 21, 2022

Whether you're just getting started in the gym or trying to get back into a routine, full body workouts are a great place to start. This one is INTENSE but that's why I love it. We're going to play with all sorts of gym equipment today - dumbbells, machines, the TRX, and med balls. Needless to say, it's hard to feel bored with this one!

Let's get started!

Exercise Terms to Know 

Superset: Perform 2 exercises one after the other without rest in between.

Triset: Similar to a super set but with 3 exercises performed one after another without rest in between.

The Workout

1. Dumbbell sumo squat (Pick 3 different heavy weights) 3x10 each weight one after the other. Start with the heaviest, drop to the next heaviest, then the lightest without stopping. 
2. Trx row superset with rainbow med ball slam 3x10 each
3. B stance hip thrust 3x12 each
4. Triset: Lateral raise  with alternating arm hammer curls with tricep dips 2x10 each
5. Machine chest...

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Upgrade Your Leg Workout with These 5 Moves

gym legs workouts Oct 13, 2022

Ready to hit legs?! This workout is honestly one of my faves. I recommend doing these moves with 8-12 reps each to focus on building muscle. If your weight is challenging enough for you, this rep range should feel HARD! So make sure you're lifting heavy enough.

How to Pick Your Weight Sizes

I teach my clients the 2 rep rule: You should end a set feeling like you have about 2 reps left in the tank. If you finish a set and feel like you could perform another 10 reps, you're going way too light. If you barely make it to the last rep or fail before the last rep, you probably need to take some weight off. Our focus is always to lift heavy but not so heavy that we compromise proper form! 

New to Lifting Weights?

If you're fairly new to lifting, try the first 3 moves with one of the smaller fixed barbells - the ones that you can't take the plates off. They're just set at a certain weight. The bar I am using here is 45 lb + the plate weights. As a beginner, start lighter...

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Push Day Workout

chest gym push shoulders triceps Jun 07, 2022

Hi Love!

It's Push Day! You ready?

Your push muscles are your chest, shoulders, and triceps. You can think of your push muscles as being the muscles you use when you’re pushing the weights away from your body.

Recently, I’ve been loving the challenge of a great chest workout! We are sticking to some good old fashioned basics in this gym workout, using both dumbbells and machines.

Exercise Terms to Know

Super set: Perform 2 exercises one after the other without rest in between. Rest for 60 seconds after performing 1 set of each movement. Repeat for number of sets.

Drop set: Perform the prescribed number of repetitions of an exercise. Then drop to a weight that is lower than what you were using and continue performing the exercise until you can no longer perform repetitions with good form. Then stop.

The Workout

1. Dumbbell bench press 4x12
2. Dumbbell crush press 4x10
3. Dumbbell lateral raise superset with dumbell alternating front raise 3x10 each
4. Cable...

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7 Honest Tips for Starting Your Fitness Journey


As a fitness professional, I’ve had the privilege of walking alongside many other women as they start their journey to a fitter, healthier life.

Not to mention, I’ve been there myself. I remember panicking over just walking into the weight room. I would walk in, spend 10 to 15 minutes using whatever equipment I already knew how to use, and bust out of there as fast as I could, hoping that nobody noticed me wandering around looking lost like a newbie. 

I remember a time when the only arm workout I wasn’t afraid of was pushing and pulling the handles of the elliptical machine. I remember being so confused about what to do, being scared of getting bulky, and being scared people could see that I didn't know what I was doing!

I’ve tried no rules/eat anything I like, clean eating, and tracking macros. I’ve had seasons in which I spent 6 days a week in the gym lifting heavy but I’ve also gone through seasons in...

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Total Body Gym Workout


Hi Love!

Today's workout is a total body strength workout. Total body workouts are fabulous when you're just getting started with a training routine. Total body workouts allow you to train as little as 3 times per week, still hit each muscle group sufficiently to make progress, and get proper recovery time for each muscle. This lower training frequency makes it easier to stay consistent with your routine in the long term. 

Let's dive into the terminology you need to understand for this workout.

Exercise Terms to Know

Superset: Perform 2 exercises one after the other without rest in between

Example: Below, when it says "Step ups superset with reverse hyperextensions off bench," you would perform 12 steps ups and then 12 reverse hyperextensions immediately after without rest in between them. Once you've completed 12 reps of both exercises in the superset, rest, and then repeat 3 more times for 4 total sets.

The Workout


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Back and Biceps Gym Workout

arms back gym pull upper body Apr 03, 2021

Hi Love!

Today's workout is back and biceps for the gym. Back is so important and I think it's something ladies can sometimes neglect. You can't hit booty and legs everyday, girl! From an aesthetics standpoint, as you add muscle to the back, your waist continues to look smaller and smaller. It's all about proportions, and growing the back creates a V shaped taper into your waist. 

Before we get started, let's talk through some of the exercise terms you will need to know for this workout. These will help you amp up the intensity of your workout so you can build muscle as efficiently as possible. 

Exercise Terms to Know

Slow Negatives: The negative portion of any exercise is when you're moving in the same direction as the resistance. The negative during a squat is when you're dropping into the squat. The negative during a bicep curl is when you're lowering the weights back down to the starting position. The negative during a lat pulldown is when your arms are...

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Bis and Tris Workout with Dumbbells


Hi Love!

This is not your average arm workout. This training session puts a fun spin on the classic bicep and tricep exercises we all know and love. Because let’s face it, it’s pretty boring to do the same old standard bicep curls and tricep kickbacks every upper body day. Sometimes you’ve just got to spice it up to stay engaged in your training sessions. 

Why not try something new in the pursuit of sexy sculpted tank top arms? You can find the full workout instructions below.

The Workout

  1. Dumbbell Triple Crush 4x10
  2. Dumbbell 21’s 4x21
  3. Alternating Arm Curls superset with Cross Body Curls 4x10
  4. Alternating Skull Crushers superset with Tricep Press 4x12

Exercise Instructions

Dumbbell Triple Crush

  1. With a neutral grip, hold dumbbells in both hands at your sides.
  2. Curl the weight in hammer curl fashion (with a neutral grip) to chest level.
  3. Press the weights up over your head so that your arms are fully extended above your body.
  4. Keeping...
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