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Intense Full Body Workout at the Gym

full body gym total body Oct 21, 2022

Whether you're just getting started in the gym or trying to get back into a routine, full body workouts are a great place to start. This one is INTENSE but that's why I love it. We're going to play with all sorts of gym equipment today - dumbbells, machines, the TRX, and med balls. Needless to say, it's hard to feel bored with this one!

Let's get started!

Exercise Terms to Know 

Superset: Perform 2 exercises one after the other without rest in between.

Triset: Similar to a super set but with 3 exercises performed one after another without rest in between.

The Workout

1. Dumbbell sumo squat (Pick 3 different heavy weights) 3x10 each weight one after the other. Start with the heaviest, drop to the next heaviest, then the lightest without stopping. 
2. Trx row superset with rainbow med ball slam 3x10 each
3. B stance hip thrust 3x12 each
4. Triset: Lateral raise  with alternating arm hammer curls with tricep dips 2x10 each
5. Machine chest...

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Full Body Strength Workout


Hi Love!

I am so pumped to share today’s workout with you! This training session is a full body strength workout using just dumbbells. You can do this at home or at the gym. 

I highly recommend total body training to ladies who are just getting started with a weight lifting routine because it allows every muscle on your body to get sufficient training volume in just 3 workouts per week.

When I have clients that are completely new to weight training OR clients who do not currently have a consistent training routine, I usually start them on 3 workouts per week. This is a challenging but also reasonable starting point. This allows them to build consistency, momentum, and confidence. Then once they are fully nailing the routine, we can discuss adding extra workout days if they desire. 

If you’re only able to workout a couple days a week or you’re just getting started with building a new workout routine, I highly recommend starting with total body...

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Intense Full Body Bootcamp Workout

full body workouts Jul 27, 2019

Hi, Ladies!

I taught an awesome bootcamp class this week and wanted to share the workout these fit, wonderful ladies took on with me! Trust me, if you give this a shot, you're going to break a darn good sweat. 

This bootcamp entails bodyweight, plyometric, and resistance training exercises. You can opt to do this on your own, or rally a couple friends together to participate with you! For the group, we set up 6 stations. At every station, the ladies would perform a different movement. 

Participants spend 1 minute at each station and the workout is AMRAP so as many reps as possible of the movement at that station in 1 minute. After that minute, the group rotated to a new station. Once all stations were completed, we ran laps for 2 full minutes. 

After two full rounds of this, comes the... drumroll please....


The group completed each station for 2 minutes (double the time of the first two rounds), and then another 2 full minute...

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Full Body Exercise Ball Workout

full body workouts Jun 06, 2019

Using the same equipment over and over can leave your workouts feeling stale. Plus, challenging your body in new ways is a great way to up your exercise intensity and increase the burn!

Using an exercise ball to workout increases the instability of your standard exercises to provide a new challenge for every muscle group. Now you're not only focused on lifting the weight but also maintaining proper balance throughout the movement. This means you will also be using your abs for many of these exercises as a synergist muscle to properly maintain balance.

This workout should take you just 30 minutes to complete and works your entire body! Each exercise should be performed in 2 sets of 12 reps with no more than 60 seconds rest in between sets.

Get ready to feel the burn!

1. Back Exercise: Swiss Ball Back Extensions

1. Lie on your stomach on a Swiss ball with your feet hip width apart against a wall for support or just on the floor. Put your hands behind your head as you...

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