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I feel like God sent me you at a time where I was confused and frustrated and about to just give up. You saved me in that moment and he saved me by walking me to you. Each time a clear thought has come up - changing my split, adding more sleep, chore chart for my kiddos, whatever it is that lightens my load or creates more clarity - I give all that glory to him as I he knows what I need and he never fails to provide that. But honestly had you not shown up for me the way you did I would not still be working with you and I would not have stuck with it. You provide workouts that make me happy. You communicate like you are my best friend. I think the group with the other ladies is great - but knowing I can message you anytime and your expertise is on the other side is HUGE for my success. I wish everyone had someone like you in your corner. I think there would be less taking of drugs and other quick fixes and more focus on being strong, healthy and most importantly realizing that if you do not fix all the other things in your life that food and exercise will never really "fix" you. Thank you for being in my corner and doing what you do!


LEFT: I was under - eating, which lead to binge eating. Exercise was inconsistent and I was always tired. 

In July, I stumbled upon @emilycramerfitness blog and reached out to her. We connected and she began coaching me. She created a training and nutrition plan tailored to my goals. No restrictive or crash diets! Emily encouraged me every step of the way. Most importantly, she helped me create long-lasting healthy habits.

RIGHT: I exercise 4x/week. I eat 5 meals/day. I have lots of energy and am no longer tired (unless I stay up past my bedtime.) I lost 18 lbs and 16.5 inches across my whole body. Mentally & physically I feel wonderful! Here's to lifting heavier & getting stronger in 2023!


"It is such an incredible feeling to have balance - this time last year it was all or nothing and then the endless guilt and disappointment when I didn’t hit everything I tried 100%, now my attitude is 180 degrees and it’s coming more naturally, it’s still hard work don’t get me wrong! The ability to see that I don’t have to be perfect, for myself is totally life changing!!


"The body I’ve always envisioned for myself wanting….it’s a real thing - like it’s HERE! Craziness to me! I was just using the bathroom at the gym and I lifted my shirt up and I just stared at myself. It’s crazy how my body has changed! I still cant believe it! My legs and stomach…🤯 My sister said the same thing you did, 'believe it' when I told her I couldn’t believe it."

Jennifer S

"I feel really good! I'm very motivated to get in all my workouts and try to incorporate some meal planning."

Jenn has added a significant amount of muscle to her frame - especially her glutes and shoulders (as you can see!) 

She has done all of this as a working mama, through the holidays, and with a lot of traveling in her schedule! 

She is a perfect example of what it means to focus on healthy habits you can consistently sustain, no matter how busy life gets!


One of my favorite wins so far is changing my eating habits. I wasn't really doing too bad but the minor changes you had me implement made a world of difference. I eat more than my husband does now and he can't believe that I am getting "smaller" while doing so LOL 

Also I am definitely in the best shape of my life - at 53 years old. Unreal. I am really proud of the definition in my arms but very happy with my lower body so far as that's where I carry the worst of my weight. 

Important things I learned - I have to fuel my body properly and then it will flourish. I've heard this a lot but until I put it into practice didn't realize what I'm really capable of when I give my body what it needs. Also progress can feel slow but it's consistent as long as I am. Then one day you send me comparison pictures and I'm blown away by the change as well LOL I hated taking the weekly pics but see now how worthwhile they are.

What would I say to someone about joining the program? Don't waste another day! I love the app and I love the weekly check in's and conversations. It keeps me going and I feel so much better today than I did 6 months ago. You've pushed me into less than comfortable zones but never without me agreeing to at least try; and it turns out that it wasn't so scary, just unfamiliar. And just when it starts to feel comfortable, you change it again! LOL But I've become more confident and willing to try new exercises and foods because I see the method in the madness. It works! 



"Biggest wins would be 

1. Seeing muscle in my arms and more recently my legs. 

2. Seeing my stomach start to slim down/tone up 

3. Wanting to work out 

4. Being aware of protein intake and working towards eating foods with more protein in them. 

This was only the start but a very good start that gave me the confidence to see I can make a change in my body by being consistent. I want to get more toned and stronger in the future."



"I am so in love with this program and I ran my fastest mile this week...In the past I've wasted a ton of money on training programs because I just didn't "feel it." Now, I feel more dedicated than ever before and I don't feel bad if I miss a workout if I'm on vacation or traveling for the weekends. My mind automatically picks the turkey burger or blackened shrimp salad. So thank you... I'm so happy and thankful that I'm in the best shape I've been since 2017. Happy and healthier than ever before."

Ericka is down 9.5 pounds while slowly increasing her food over time. 

I am so very grateful for you, your approach, guidance, and expertise. You have helped me to emerge from a postpartum mental and physical health fog and helped to build sustainable exercise habits that have truly been life changing for me. I feel like me again🥹. I have tried so many different diets and fitness programs over the past years and none…stuck. Yet here I am, a year after training with you, hitting nearly all of my workout goals, and getting better with nutrition!! The journey hasn’t been perfect, but it sure has been humbling, refining, and a learning experience. Thank you! It’s been such a pleasure to work with you. THANK YOU for everything!!!

- Client Lana Karpuk


"I'm absolutely thrilled with my progress! I really can't thank you enough. This has been such a fun journey and I've loved working with you! I'm excited for another 12 weeks!...It's all because you're an awesome coach! I've tried to do this before but have never been this successful. I have always wanted my abs to show through and I'm kinda in shock because they are actually starting to look like abs!"

Sara lost 9.5 pounds and ended the 12 weeks just 70 calories below her Week 1 caloric intake! 


"I am excited to continue with you! This program is the most attainable I’ve ever done. It feels like I can do life and not have to restrict myself from things!"

Jessica lost 18.5 inches total across all her measurements in 2 months. 

You have changed my life. Made me more confident and certainly much stronger. I am humbled & grateful to work with you. 

- Client Jennifer Mathieson


"Thank you! I could not have done this without you! I'm so grateful that I had the opportunity to learn from you... You've given me so much freedom back in my life and I want that for as many women as you can reach! Being able to be open and honest about my struggles is where a lot of my growth came from. You provided a safe and positive place for me to do that which is so special to me. This was way more than just a fitness program. You are more than welcome to share my story as well. This has been life changing."

Candy went from eating between 800-1200 calories to eating nearly 1600 calories. We focused on lifting heavy and with intention and giving her body more rest. We worked to improve her metabolism, fuel her body properly for her health, and add muscle to her frame.


"I agree there have been so many wins over the past 3 months! ... I think doing this program was super helpful because it helped prove to me that I could travel, be sick, change my job, etc. etc. and still be able to come back to "normal" and my routine without being completely thrown off kilter. I think I believed that I HAD to be on track 24/7 in order to see results but I was able to show myself that I could get back on track the very next day and I didn't have to go on a downward spiral just because I had one day of eating more or drinking more than normal. I kind of will miss tracking my food... I might make copies of the Excel sheets and keeping tracking for my own sake because it helps me stay mindful. Thank you so much for all of your help and guidance through every step of the way!" (Name changed for privacy) 


"I can not believe that 12 weeks has already went by- it has went really fast for sure! I have really enjoyed it so much! I can’t believe I have worked out 3 or 4 times a week for 12 weeks- I never thought I could do that! It has been so great to have success and know that I can do this going forward. I appreciate your help in getting me to that point... I appreciate all you have done to help me create healthy habits. I plan to continue doing all of them - I appreciate you giving me the confidence that I can do it!! I can work out and set nutrition goals and stick to them and you helped me see that!"

When I first spoke to Emily, she said that she would often stick to something for a few days and then give up. She never loved exercise. She would try weight workouts but get discouraged because she wasn't able to do it. Emily now trains 3-4x per week consistently and has lost 12.5 inches across her body measurements! 

"I just wanted to share with you my special moment...

I walk down the stairs and there is a trail of children behind me. My son and 2 youngest daughters. 

I set up to do my stretches and my 2 year old goes on the max trainer (that's her favourite one), my middle daughter goes on the treadmill and my son on the exercise bike. They are all doing their things.

I started doing the weights and my son starts on the workout equipment. He starts off with the heaviest of weights. He can't budge them. I said 'if you want to make muscle you gotta be smart about it. Like a baby you start with a bottle to pureed food to solid food. Same with weights, start lighter and work your way up. It's not a competition to gain muscle. Real muscle takes time and good diet.'

He kept asking me 'what should I do mom.' I would tell him what to do and if his form wasn't proper I stopped to help him.

He looked at me and said 'thank you mom. You're my inspiration...'

As I finished my workout I was looking around and everyone was working out. We actually all got along in a small spot hehe.

This is what this journey is all about for me. To be healthy! To teach my kids to be healthy!

As we walked upstairs after the workout my oldest came out of her room and the 3 kids said 'you missed an awesome workout tonight!' She felt sad and said 'next time I will.' She probably won't lol. The 3 kids did amazing."

- Client Olivia Carpenter


"I'm losing inches but gaining confidence! I was very surprised that I was losing weight because of increasing my calories and weight training. Best thing of all... I'm NOT HUNGRY!!! I've been starving before and was gaining weight. Running is actually enjoyable again too!"

Kettia is down 3.5 inches and has added 260 calories to her intake so far.


"Thank you thank you thank you! I wouldn't have been able to do this without your guidance... I've tried doing this on my own before.. and I think what helps the most is the accountability. I've tried Beachbody, noom, and doing my own thing but nothing seemed personalized for me and there for me giving me real life responses... I feel much thinner and stronger and I fit into all my clothes... half the time [my fiancé] is like oh is that a new shirt? But I just have all these clothes that I never wore cause they felt tight. So your program has definitely been doing wonders for me."" 

Ilona is down 8 pounds and also learned to gauge progress by measures outside of the scale. 


"You’re so motivating and helpful. Thank you for being a wonderful coach!... Really loving the programming and that it fits my schedule is helping so much! And seeing changes this week too. That keeps the motivation up! I love that maybe I can be a motivation to other moms who also work and live busy lives!"

Ashley came to me for help getting ready for her first bikini competition. Our goals were to get her lean while maintaining as much of her muscle mass as possible. We added muscle to her glutes, shoulders, hamstrings, and back while shrinking the quads and tightening the core to create the ideal bikini competitor shape. 

Would you believe this woman is a mom of 2 young children who leads a nursing unit? We were able to plan her competition workouts around her busy schedule with a mixture of gym AND home workouts. We also used high carb days to keep her energy up and her metabolism high during prep. 

I'm very glad I made the call when I saw your ad on Pinterest. I feel you are very good at what you do!

You heard my wants and needs and gave me answers, helped me transform inside and out.

I loved the group (I may not have chimed in but read all the posts) and the comments, advice, etc you were giving. You are where you should be! Thanks for all you've done!

- Client Theresa Cameron


Jackie has been with me for 11 months and she has lost 25 pounds while building muscle. All while increasing her food intake from 1,050 calories a day to 1430 calories (a 380 calorie jump.) We are now continuing to increase her calories and improve her metabolism in preparation for another successful cutting phase/ more weight loss. 

Jackie often works 16 hour shifts. Using a flexible diet has allowed her to continue seeing huge results even with her busy schedule!


"In January, I was super unsteady and couldn't even squat the bar without feeling like I was going to fall on my face. Today, I did 3 sets of 10 with the bar. I'm so thankful for this strength and knowledge and drive amid a really stressful month at work!"

Before Lucie signed on for 1:1 coaching, she was eating 1100 calories a day. Over the course of her program, Lucie's calories INCREASED by 800 calories while lowering her weight and improving her body composition. 


"Thank you for lighting a fire under my bum. I am forced to be accountable for my actions and choices."

Michiko has been with me for 19 weeks so far and has lost 13 pounds. 

She went from struggling to hit the gym after feeling tired from a long day of work (I KNOW you've been there too) to showing up for herself EVERY DANG DAY no matter what.


For the last 6 years I have been helping women just like you build muscle, lose fat, and get strong.

Over my years of coaching, I realized there was something missing that kept so many women stuck in the same cycle of doing great with working out and eating and then totally falling off...

more love



"It has been an absolute pleasure working with you! I truly appreciate EVERYTHING!!!"

For years, Kimberli wasn't able to workout because of a serious knee injury. She joined the program to make her comeback from that injury. She has lost 4 inches off of her waist and has added 240 calories to her daily caloric intake... all while working full time and going to school for her Masters. 


Sarah made strength gains, muscle gains, and achieved great fat loss within the 3 month program. She was able to progressively use heavier and heavier weights over time and, in just 6 weeks, she grew strong enough to squat with a barbell. We also added 280 calories to Sarah's daily intake and she lost 8.5 lb in the process. 


Monica was a busy student looking to make a serious body transformation. Before starting the program, Monica went through phases of extreme calorie restriction without seeing the results she wanted. 

During this program, her calories only dropped by 325 and included a high carb refeed day once a week.

Monica saw a drastic improvement in body composition without the crippling restrictions she was used to.


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