Intense Full Body Workout at the Gym

Whether you're just getting started in the gym or trying to get back into a routine, full body workouts are a great place to start. This one is INTENSE but that's why I love it. We're going to play with all sorts of gym equipment today - dumbbells, machines, the TRX, and med balls. Needless to say, it's hard to feel bored with this one!

Let's get started!

Exercise Terms to Know 

Superset: Perform 2 exercises one after the other without rest in between.

Triset: Similar to a super set but with 3 exercises performed one after another without rest in between.

The Workout

1. Dumbbell sumo squat (Pick 3 different heavy weights) 3x10 each weight one after the other. Start with the heaviest, drop to the next heaviest, then the lightest without stopping. 
2. Trx row superset with rainbow med ball slam 3x10 each
3. B stance hip thrust 3x12 each
4. Triset: Lateral raise  with alternating arm hammer curls with tricep dips 2x10 each
5. Machine chest press 3x12

Dumbbell Sumo Squat


Rainbow Med Ball Slam

B Stance Hip Thrust

Dumbbell Lateral Raise

Alternating Arm Hammer Curl

Tricep Dip

Machine Chest Press

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