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Total Body Dumbbell Workout


Total body workouts are a fabulous way to get your weight training done if you are a weight lifting beginner or if you only have a couple days a week to commit to working out. 

I swear by total body workouts for my clients who only have 3 days a week to train because total body training sessions allow them to hit all of their muscle groups with enough sets and recovery time to keep making progress - even with their time constraints! 

This workout is a dumbbell only workout. You only need a single pair of weights. However, if you have multiple sets available to you, I highly recommend going heavier for the lower body movements. Your legs can handle a much greater load and it's important that, to make progress, you are taking your sets close to failure with the weight sizes you have chosen.

I say this in almost every workout post but it's only because it's so important for your success: remember the 2 rep rule! You will know you have picked the...

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Shoulders and Arms Workout with Dumbbells


Today, we are focusing on building some beautiful sculpted shoulders and tight, toned arms. I'll be honest, shoulder training has always been my favorite. I love hitting them hard and being able to confidently rock a sleeveless top. 

So today we are taking the basics and spicing them up a bit with supersets, as well as single arm and slow negative variations for an added intensity challenge.

Woohoo! Get ready, girl. This one's going to be fun!


The Equipment

1-2 pairs of dumbbells should be sufficient for this workout. 

The best way to pick your weights is to apply the 2 rep rule to your lifts. The 2 rep rule states that the weight selected should allow you to complete the whole set with good form and still feel like you have 2 reps left in the tank if you hypothetically HAD to complete 2 more.

If you feel like you could pump out 10 more reps at the end of the set, you should select heavier weights. If you are failing on the last rep of every set or barely...

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Dumbbell Upper Body Workout for Women


Hey girl! 

If you're in a rut with your upper body training, I have a fab workout for you!

In general, I am a big fan of mastering the basics and focusing on progressive overload to build muscle aka bodybuilding style training - that means sticking to your standard movements and really working to lift heavier weights progressively over time.

However, sometimes I just need to spice up the exercises and try something new! 

This workout includes several compound moves and different variations of your usual, staple upper body moves. 

Remember, THE most important strategy for an effective fitness regimen is finding what you LIKE doing and doing more of that consistently. If you enjoy it, you will adhere to your routine and see the best results. 

The Equipment

All you need for this workout is a single pair of dumbbells. If you have more equipment variety, I do recommend using a heavier pair of weights for the rowing movements, as the back muscles are larger...

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6 Staple Dumbbell Exercises for Sculpting Upper Body

workouts May 28, 2020

You don't need to have tons of equipment to get a great upper body workout. This video takes you through 6 upper body sculpting exercises that should be staples in your routine. Although it can be fun to get fancy with your exercises, you can and should take time to truly master the basics shown here.

Focus on proper form, keeping each movement slow and controlled, and progressively adding more weight to the movement over time. That is the true recipe for muscle building success. 

The Exercises

1. Bicep Curls

1) Stand up straight with arms hanging at your side and dumbbells in both hands, palms facing in.

2) Raise both arms at once, twisting your wrists on the way up to an underhand grip, palms facing forward. Keep your elbows still and your upper arms stationary.

3) Slowly lower the dumbbells and repeat.

2. Tricep Kickbacks

1) Holding a pair of dumbbells with a neutral grip, stand tall with your chest up and core braced. Bend at the hips while keeping...

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At Home Back Exercises with Weights and a Resistance Band


Hey babe!

In this post, I'm going to demo some back exercises you can do at home with just a single dumbbell and a resistance band. I'm using a booty band here because that's what I had available but you could easily replace the booty band with a longer band loop or a band with handles. Whatever you have available will work. It's all about getting creative!

What You Might Not Know About Back Workouts

When I first got started with weight lifting, there was a lot I didn't know. (There's a lot to learn!) I would often find myself working the muscle groups I enjoyed working (or knew better HOW to work) over and over again and skipping other muscle groups. 

We tend to take back workouts for granted. Of course, there are huge benefits as far as improving your posture. But also, if your goals are aesthetic, back workouts are where it's at, girl! 

Most women that come to me for 1:1 coaching want to achieve some sort of hourglass figure. They want to look fit and...

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Glutes Workout at Home with Weights and Resistance Band

workouts May 10, 2020

Hey, babe!

If you're needing a booty workout routine for home, I've got you covered. Most people don't realize that there are a lot of exercises that are superior to squats for activating the glutes. 

Don't get me wrong, squats help (especially banded squats) and I certainly still include them in my routine. But there are so many exercises that you probably aren't using that make a huge difference! We'll cover some of those in this workout!

If your goal is to grow great glutes, focus on:

  • Hitting the glutes with a variety of different exercises and angles
  • Mind muscle connection
    • Pay attention to where you are feeling the movement. Many people have weak, under active glute muscles and, therefore, end up recruiting the quad and hamstring muscles to do the work instead. If you're not feeling the movement in the booty, pick a lighter weight and focus on squeezing the muscle. 
  • Performing a variety of rep ranges
    • The body adapts to rep ranges before it adapts...
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Full Day of Eating for Muscle Gain

nutrition Apr 30, 2020

Hey babe!

I want to take you through what a full day of eating looks like for me right now to build muscle. I am going to preface this post with this: your food intake is absolutely unique to you. Your calories and your macros (protein, carb, and fat intake) depends on your goals, age, weight, height, activity level, and dieting history. This is why pulling some arbitrary macros off of the internet or following a meal plan you found on Google leads to different results for different people. 

In general, a fat loss phase means you are going to be eating in a caloric deficit (eating less calories than you're burning.) A muscle building phase means you are going to be eating in a caloric surplus (eating more calories than you're burning.) 

Right now, I am in a muscle building season so the portion sizes you're going to see are for a caloric surplus for MY metabolism.

I eat the same foods year round but the amounts for...

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How to Gain Muscle for Women

Uncategorized Apr 28, 2020

Hey girl!

Chances are, if you’re here, you’re curious about how to build lean muscle as a woman. 

Let me start off by telling you, you are in the right place. I’ve personally been where you are. I remember the struggle of trying to figure out what to eat, how to lift weights, and how to gauge my progress. SO confusing and overwhelming as a beginner. 

Not to mention the gym anxiety you experience stepping foot in the weight room for the first time! It’s a lot. But I promise you, the growth and improvement of your health is SO worth the initial discomfort. 

Fast forward to today, after years (7 to be exact!) of studying up and implementing different training and diet techniques, I’ve found the sweet spot for building lean muscle.

I now work with women just like you who want to do the same thing but skip the growing pains of trying to figure it all out themselves without guidance! 

I’m telling you all of this because I...

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No Equipment Home Workout for Women

workouts Apr 08, 2020

Hi, love!

Chances are, if you're here, you're looking for help with your health and fitness during quarantine. I know our fitness routines are a little off right now with gyms being closed, but that doesn't mean you can't still get a great workout at home! 

My training and nutrition clients will tell you, their plans don't get easier because they've switched to home workouts! We just incorporate different techniques to keep the intensity up. 

And guess what?! You don't even need equipment to crush a workout. This no equipment home workout is one for the books. It was the first home workout I did upon quarantine starting, and WOO! Did it hurt... in a good way. 

All you need is your bodyweight. Get ready! 

Workout Instructions

This workout is meant to be performed circuit style. Perform 20 reps of each exercise. 1 round is 20 reps of each. You're going to perform 5 rounds total. Only take rest when you absolutely need it. 

Circuit workouts ensure we...

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Tracking Macros vs. Intuitive Eating for Fat Loss - Which is Better?

Uncategorized Mar 20, 2020

What does it mean to track macros or eat intuitively?

First off, let’s talk about what these two dieting strategies actually entail. 

Tracking macros, also known as flexible dieting, involves tracking your protein, carbs, and fats to reach your fitness goals. By tracking your macro intake you are, in turn, also tracking your calories. I have a whole separate post on the basics of macro tracking here. 

Intuitive eating is a dieting strategy that does not require you to track your food in any way - calories, macros, etc. It entails listening to your body’s hunger cues, eating to the point of fullness, and stopping.

So which should you use for fat loss? Tracking macros or intuitive eating?

Most people fall in one camp or the other. 

While I do believe there’s a time and place for both nutrition strategies in one’s fitness journey, I am whole heartedly an advocate for using macro tracking as a means to reach fat loss goals. Here’s...

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