Upper Body Workout at the Gym

It's upper body day! YAY! You ready to work? This upper body workout should be heavy, heavy, heavy! We're doing 10-12 reps on each exercise and focusing on slow controlled lifts with proper form. This rep range is optimal for muscle growth. 

You will be working both the push muscles (chest, triceps, and shoulders) and pull muscles (back and biceps.) Let's get started!

Exercise Terms to Know

Last set: triple drop set until failure - Start by using the weight you used for your other sets. This is your heavy weight. Complete as many reps as possible with good form. Then decrease the weight by 10-30% and continue performing reps until you no longer can with good form. Drop the weight one more time and continue performing reps until you no longer can with good form.

Superset: Perform 2 exercises one after the other without rest in between.

The Workout

1. Dumbbell Bench Press - 4x12

2. Cable Seated Row - 4x10 (Last set: perform a triple drop set until failure)

3. Leaning Single Arm Lateral Raise - 4x10

4. Barbell Skull Crusher Superset with Alternating Arm Bicep Curls - 4x12


Dumbbell Bench Press

Cable Seated Row

Leaning Single Arm Lateral Raise

Barbell Skull Crusher

Alternating Arm Bicep Curls

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Musician: Jeff Kaale 

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