Spring Break Body Workouts


It’s time to get workin on that bikini bod! Ever walk into a dressing room to try on a bathing suit, feel like a mermaid queen in it and then try on a completely different style only to realize no amount of money could coax you out of the safety of that little room while wearing THAT? UGH! How can you go from feeling fabulous to THIS in a matter of minutes?!

Fear not! Different suits enhance different areas of your bod! Just pick the workout that fits the suit!



Bandeau bathing suits are great for showing off toned, sculpted shoulders. This workout will make your delts pop! Delts are a bit of a specialty for me. If you’re interested in more free help with sculpting amazing shoulders, join my mailing list to receive my free guide Sculpting Sexy Shoulders. You’ll get even more free workouts and a better understanding of training strategies to get your results as quickly as possible!

Lateral Raise video by 

 Military Press by Fitdaniluu

Plate front press by Musashi Nutrition



This style is great for the fearless ladies who plan to show a little bum on the beach this year. The emphasis of your workouts should be on glute isolation exercises. Glute isolation means you will perform exercises that activate the glutes without recruiting a significant amount of extra help from the quads or hamstrings (as would happen when performing squats, for example.) This isn’t to say that you should neglect movements such as the squat in your training but the isolation movements will allow you to get the greatest results for the glutes alone.

Glute kickbacks by FitnessRX for Women

Single Leg Hip Extensions by Criticalbench

 Glute bridges by Jessica Valant Pilates



This style really shows off the chest area. Women are often a little afraid to incorporate chest training into their routine (I’ve been there), but it will actually just create some definition and even lift your chest a bit. Bathing suit bod aside, it’s important to train ALL areas of your body if you are able to in order to prevent imbalances and injuries.

Cable chest fly by Sarah Grace

Bench press by Women's Strength Nation

Dumbbell pullover



This style really shows off the legs. Focus your workouts on both the quads and hamstrings. Because legs make up such a large portion of your body, I often divide my leg workouts into two separate days. One day I focus on quads and another I focus on hamstrings. If you need help with organizing your own training split, the 7 Day Jumpstart Challenge: Eat & Train to Build Your Dream Body is a great starting place.

Cable pull throughs

Romanian Deadlift

 Front squats by Jessica Arevalo

 Close stance smith machine squats by Whitney Wiser

These exercises are all great options to incorporate into your routine! I would highly suggest watching all the demo videos before attempting any of these. It will help you prevent injuries and also ensure that you are performing the exercise in a way that correctly works the muscles that you intended to activate.

I’d also highly suggest a good warm up before getting started. Many people believe that they should be starting their workouts with static stretching. This actually is not true! If you need some guidance in regards to proper warm up and cool down techniques, this is a fab place to start!

I hope this has been extremely helpful for you! So many women stress over spending time at the pool or the beach simply because of body insecurities. You should be able to enjoy your time relaxing without stressing over wearing a swimsuit. Nurture your body and wear things that make you FEEL good and you will never again feel those beach day woes.

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