4 Tricks to Stay Healthy When Eating Out


It's okay to eat out at your fave restaurant, I promise! Don't feel like you have to stop living your life to stay healthy. Here are some tips to nix the binging: 

1. Eat something small before you go.

  • Think of it this way - if there's a wait to be seated, you're gonna be starving by the time you're at the table and then you'll STILL be waiting to place your order/waiting for your food to cook.
  • Showing up hungry means you might overdo it on chips and salsa or appetizers..... not speaking from experience or anything..... 

2. Ask for a takeout box as soon as you're seated. When your food comes, put half of it in the box immediately. 

  • We both know that restaurant portions > human portions. Portioning the food before you even chow down means you won't mindlessly scarf down the whole family sized plate. 

3. Drink water.

  • I can think of a million reasons this matters, but let's start with- soda has approximately a metric shit ton of sugar. Sugar damages your brain's ability to recognize satiety signals. So you feel less full and end up overeating. Thanks, but no thanks. 
  • Water is a natural appetite suppressant. Hint hint: sometimes, when you think you're hungry you're actually just dehydrated.
    Aids digestion. Ain't nobody got time for post Mexican food stomach probs. 

4. Look at the menu prior to girl's night/date night/whatever.

  • Don't wait until you're there to figure out what looks "kinda healthy."
  • Google the menu ahead of time. Figure out what looks good. Many places list the macronutrient info on their website but you can totally Google it too. 
  • You'd be surprised how high fat that salad is... doing your homework before you go keeps you mindful of some of the hidden calories.

Hope these were helpful for you! Seriously, no need to give up your social life to drop the pounds or build your bod.