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8 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Tracking Macros


I first came across the concept of tracking macros (also known as flexible dieting) at the end of my 2nd bikini competition prep. I was energetically drained from months of pounding skinless chicken breasts and egg whites. I’m not even exaggerating here… I ended my prep eating 11 oz of egg whites at breakfast… it was awful and, to be honest, I couldn’t hear the words ‘egg whites’ without feeling sick for a long time after. 

Anyway, the idea that I could actually eat foods I loved and reach my fitness goals really appealed to me. I felt like I needed more balance and less restrictions. I was tired of having to sprint past the bakery in the grocery store to avoid looking my cravings right in the face. 

When I finally took the leap and switched to flexible dieting, I achieved my best physique yet and I felt SO much better doing it. I found myself better able to manage cravings and enjoy life while reaching my physique goals.

That being said, if you’ve been curious about flexible dieting yourself, here are 8 things I wish I knew before I started tracking macros. 

1. Fat loss all comes down to energy balance. 

Diets like keto or clean eating may have you believing that the foods you eat spark or hinder fat loss. This is false. There are no “fat burning foods.” There are no specific foods that cause you to gain or lose weight. Fat loss comes from your energy expenditure (your calorie burn) being greater than your calorie consumption (the calories you take in.) You aren’t losing fat because of the foods that you eat. You lose fat because of the amount you take in.

This is exactly why flexible dieting works so well. You’re still consuming less calories than you burn. Just, within those calories, you’re getting to eat things you like (in moderate amounts.) 

2. Whole nutrient dense foods are still very important.

Even though you can fit the fun foods in your macros, you should still be getting the majority of your calories from whole nutrient dense food sources. I preach the 80/20 rule to my clients. At least 80% of your calories should come from vitamin and mineral rich whole foods. 20% of your calories are there for you to enjoy the “fun foods” you love and crave. Giving your body the nutrients it needs ensures that it's fueled to support optimal internal function. Additionally, it maintains healthy energy levels so you can kill it in the gym and not feel sluggish all day. 

3. Other diets do not manage body composition as well. 

Because you’re being very intentional with how much of each macronutrient your body is getting, you’re going to be in a better position to lose most of the weight from fat and minimize muscle loss. Whenever you’re pursuing weight loss, a portion of the loss always comes from muscle but you have control over how big that portion is. Consistently managing exactly how much protein you’re getting in a day will help your body preserve lean mass better. 

Why is it important to hold onto that muscle? Several reasons. Aside from the obvious strength gains from more muscle, muscle also raises your resting metabolic rate… meaning you burn more calories at rest. And from an aesthetic perspective, preserving muscle mass as you lose fat is what creates that tight toned look most people are aiming for in their fat loss pursuits. 

4. There are no set macros or calories that work for everyone. 

Your energy needs are based off of your age, weight, height, activity level, and overall metabolism. Not to mention your dieting history. If you’ve dieted in the past or have a tendency to under eat, that will affect your macros and, therefore, your calories for fat loss. This means all that stuff you see on the internet telling you to eat X amount of calories for weight loss is BS. Your macros need to be set for you personally to ensure your best results.

5. Using an online macro calculator or food logging app to set macros for you is often very inaccurate. 

First of all, Food logging tools often lump large groups of people (of different heights/sizes) into the same calorie and macro range, meaning they aren’t optimized for your specific stats. And then consider online calculators. These calculators do not take into account your personal eating preferences or what is realistic for you to adhere to. 

For example, most women do not consume enough protein in a day. It wouldn’t make sense to require a woman who is pursuing fat loss but has never consumed even adequate protein to jump from a small protein intake to, say, 1g per pound bodyweight right away. This also wouldn’t make sense for a vegan or vegetarian who is going to get most of her protein from higher carb sources. Nor would it make sense for someone who has a lower appetite on rest days than on workout days.

To put it bluntly, if you use these tools, you’re getting very “cookie cutter” macro targets that weren’t really designed for you specifically and that can certainly hold back your results.

6. With your macros, you should really implement a carb cycle.

You know how all of these diets want you believing carbs are bad? Well they’re wrong. Whether it’s you setting your fat loss macros or a coach, there really needs to be a carb cycle implemented. This means there should be high carb days implemented in your macro plan. Twist my arm, right? Who doesn’t want more carbs?! 

But seriously, when you’re dieting down, your metabolism slows down and fat loss hormones from your thyroid are thrown out of balance. Adding in high carb days adds fuel to the metabolic fire by restoring hormone balance and tricking your metabolism into thinking you’re done dieting. This allows you to pursue fat loss for longer without getting stuck in a plateau. 

7. With macros, you will have a much easier time maintaining a social life.

Most diets will leave you feeling so socially disconnected because you have to stick to eating only certain things and follow very strict rules around eating habits. This is not the case with flexible dieting.

Because you’re able to eat what you enjoy as long as you’re tracking to your macro targets, you can enjoy a meal out with friends. You can even track a drink or two! You definitely have to plan for these occasions so you can fit higher calorie foods into your macro targets, but you have the ability to do so and still crush your goals!

Your diet doesn’t have to keep you from enjoying life. And honestly, it shouldn’t if you want a strategy you can truly be consistent with.

8. With macros, you will be better able to achieve results and maintain them post diet.

When using other diets to lose fat that don’t require you to track calories or macros, you may feel like it’s “less work” but it’s actually significantly more. 

Why? Because it’s going to take you longer to get to your results and it’s going to be harder to hold onto them. 

It’s hard to manage what you don’t measure. Everyone hits a plateau at some point in their diet. But when you haven’t tracked your numbers, you have no gauge for how to adjust your diet further to break the plateau. Additionally, let’s say you make it to the end goal with this non tracking diet. 

No matter what diet you’re using, you HAVE to reverse diet after you’ve reached your fat loss goal. Gradually adding calories back into your diet is the only way to maintain your results while resuming a normal calorie intake. If you haven’t tracked anything, you have very little data to ensure you’re upping food slowly enough to maintain the fat loss.

If you just go back to your old intake without slowly and intentionally increasing calories, you’ll simply add the fat back on. Your metabolism slowed down during the diet and isn’t prepared to just resume that higher food intake without slow adjustments. This is why many people find themselves rebounding even after they hit the goal. 

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