Back and Biceps Gym Workout

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Today's workout is back and biceps for the gym. Back is so important and I think it's something ladies can sometimes neglect. You can't hit booty and legs everyday, girl! From an aesthetics standpoint, as you add muscle to the back, your waist continues to look smaller and smaller. It's all about proportions, and growing the back creates a V shaped taper into your waist. 

Before we get started, let's talk through some of the exercise terms you will need to know for this workout. These will help you amp up the intensity of your workout so you can build muscle as efficiently as possible.  

Exercise Terms to Know

Slow Negatives: The negative portion of any exercise is when you're moving in the same direction as the resistance. The negative during a squat is when you're dropping into the squat. The negative during a bicep curl is when you're lowering the weights back down to the starting position. The negative during a lat pulldown is when your arms are moving upward overhead.

The negative happens when you're moving in the direction the weight is pulling you. To perform a slow negative, you're just going to slow down this part of the movement. Usually, I will specify a time to help you decide speed. In this case, I call for a 3 second negative so, as your arms slowly return over your head, you want it to take about 3 seconds to return to that starting position.

Triple Drop Set Until Failure: Oooo this is one of my FAVE training techniques to fully exhaust the muscle being worked. I love a good drop set. Anyway, for a triple drop set until failure, you are going to use your current weight size to perform reps until you can no longer perform reps with good form. Then, you're going to drop to a lower weight. I recommend dropping about 15% each time for this particular exercise. Drop to the lower weight, and again perform reps until you no longer can with good form. Repeat 3x. There you have your triple drop set! 

The Workout

  1. Single Arm Dumbbell Row
  2. Lat Pull Down with a Slow Negative (On the last set, perform a triple drop set until failure)
  3. Seated Cable Row superset with Lying Cable Curl
  4. Dumbbell Pullover superset with Cable High Curl
  5. Dumbbell 21s

Single Arm Dumbbell Row

Lat Pulldown

Seated Cable Row

Lying Cable Curl 

Dumbbell Pullover 

Cable High Curl

Dumbbell 21's

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