If you need motivation to work out, read this


The most common concern I hear from women in regards to reaching their fitness goals is feeling “unable to find motivation.” Motivation is this fleeting boost of energy we get sometimes to get our booty to the gym, squat hard, sweat hard, and make our goals happen.

But it leaves almost as quickly as it falls into our lap. One day, we can’t WAIT to hit the weights, blast some EDM music, and work hard until there’s no gas left in the tank. Then the next, we’re so tired and over it that we’re making excuses for ourselves to get out of this commitment.

What the heck? 

What do I do to keep that spark alive long enough to achieve my goals?

How do I find the motivation?

The short answer is, you don’t.

BUT don’t freak out! Because that doesn’t mean you won’t or can’t reach your goals. 

It just means we need to shift your mindset away from this idea that you NEED motivation 24/7 to stay consistent in the gym. 

So here’s the hard truth:

Exceptionally fit, healthy people are not exceptionally fit and healthy because they have a constant, ongoing stream of motivation.

Despite my career, purpose, hobbies, and essentially my life being centered around health and fitness, I am definitely not motivated 24/7.

There is nothing wrong with you for having days where the spark just isn’t there. Think of other things that you love doing. Is there ANYTHING that you enjoy doing 24/7 with complete enthusiasm? Probably not! No matter the activity, how much we enjoy it, or how we’re feeling, there are days that we just don’t feel like it. 

And that is OKAY. 

Here is the TRUE key to your fitness success. 

You ready?

Doing it ANYWAY.

This is hard to hear sometimes. But the best way to capture your health goals is to do the hard things even when you don’t feel like it. THIS is what exceptionally fit people do. Look at this as good news! There’s no power in sitting around waiting for this elusive feeling of motivation to float your way and make you feel ready to get your sweat on.

By making the choice to do it regardless of how you feel, you are taking your power back. You don’t have control over your feelings but you do have control over whether or not you entertain them. You have control over your response to them. You have control over your actions.

And you have the absolute power to fight through your feelings and train on the days that you feel completely unmotivated.

This level of consistency is what creates success.

It’s not about the longest, highest intensity workout every single time. You won’t sustain that long term. It’s about the choice to take messy, imperfect action every single day towards your goals. Your success is dependent on what you do 95% of the time. So choose consistency.

It’s okay if it’s not your best workout! It’s okay if you occasionally cut it short or have to drag yourself through the exercises. What’s important is that you did it. This puts you 100 steps ahead of the person who’s still sitting on the couch waiting for motivation to knock on the door.

Don’t let motivation or the lack of it take away your power.

Keep doing the hard thing ANYWAY.

This is resilience. This is grit. And this gets results.

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