Full Body Tabata Workout with Weights


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Recently, I was asked what my go to workouts are when you don't have a ton of equipment available. You can still get an absolutely fabulous workout in with limited equipment. This workout only requires you to have a single pair of dumbbells... and a desire to REALLY push yourself! 

I always recommend Tabatas as a great option for nice quick, little to no equipment workouts.

Benefits of Tabatas

  • Improves cardiorespiratory endurance
  • A significant increase in caloric expenditure (it would take you much longer to burn the same amount of calories performing other forms of exercise)
  • Hits both your aerobic and anaerobic systems
  • Quick AND effective 

So what is Tabata training?

Tabata training is a form of HIIT that entails doing 20 seconds of high intensity work, followed by 10 seconds of rest. You are to complete 8 total rounds for a total of 4 minutes. The workout can be done with ANY exercises- bodyweight, weights, or cardio equipment workouts. 

How to Perform this Workout

Perform 8 rounds of each exercise: 20 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest. This will add up to 4 minutes for each exercise. In between each new exercise, take 1 minute to rest before proceeding to the next. 

In this case, it will be plyometric spider lunges for 4 minutes (perform for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds 8 times), then take a 1 minute rest period before doing the same thing for  frog pumps, burpees, etc. 

This Tabata workout is about 34 minutes long if you count the 1 minute rest periods in between rounds. It is INTENSE! But you won't regret giving this a try! Tabatas allow you to use whatever time you have available to workout to the FULLEST. 

You ready for this?

The Workout

  1. Plyometric Spider Lunge
  2. Frog Pumps
  3. Burpees (without the pushup)
  4. Weighted Crunch
  5. Curl to Press
  6. Plyometric Plank to Frogger
  7. Lying Tricep Extension

*Complete 4 minutes of each exercise: 20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest for the duration of the 4 minutes*

*Take 1 minute rest between each new exercise*

Plyometric Spider Lunge

Frog Pumps

Burpees (without the pushup)

Weighted Crunch

Curl to Press

Plyometric Plank to Frogger

Lying Tricep Extension


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