Get Your Body Spring Break Ready with These Products


Spring break is right around the corner, which means bikini season is coming! Have you been working on your bikini ready bod for spring? It takes a lot of hard work to achieve that toned tummy, slender leg look that makes you feel fab on the beach! But beyond hard work, you can speed up the process of reaching your body goals if you have the right products.

These four products will help you make changes significantly faster and will help you stick to your workout commitments.  


1. PEScience TruCreatine Supplement

To put it simply, creatine helps you perform optimally during your workouts so you can create a body you love as quickly and effectively as possible.

Taking creatine helps with strength, performance, and muscle development because it helps your body make more ATP faster than it could on its own.

ATP molecules provide your body with the energy that it needs for day to day activities and also for exercise! When you’re performing at a high intensity, your body can’t make ATP fast enough to keep you performing at the same intensity for longer bouts. That’s where creatine comes in. It also sends water to your muscles, making them more full and increasing size.

This particular product has no taste so you can combine it with anything you like or just take it as is without worrying about nasty artificial flavors.

I largely attribute my fast muscle growth to using this product. Ladies, this isn’t just for the men! Cardio will make you thin but if you’re trying to shape your body and tone, you need resistance training and creatine in your life to enhance the process!


2. Cytosport 100% Whey Protein Powder, Chocolate, 6 Pound

Whey absorbs more quickly than other protein and stimulates muscle growth.

This particular product is an isolate/concentrate blend, vs. only isolate or only concentrate. Isolate has less carbs and fat than concentrate but is also missing a lot of nutrients that you would still get if you were taking concentrate.

What makes this product special is that you’re getting a blend of both- the isolate will keep your carbs lower than if you were just taking concentrate. The concentrate will ensure your body still gets the nutrients it needs to function.

In this way, you don’t have to sacrifice one benefit for the other.

Plus, I find that many proteins have a chalky aftertaste. This one tastes great and blends well in shakes.


3. Resistance Band Set: 5 Exercise Bands, Door Anchor, Foam Handles, Ankle Straps and Carrying Bag

I highly recommend having bands for home and travel. It makes it very easy to stick to your commitment and workout even when you don’t have a gym available / don’t want to go to the gym. Resistance bands are compact and light in comparison to lugging around a pair of dumbbells, making them great to carry anywhere.

This set is particularly great because it comes with several different resistance levels, ankle straps, and a door anchor. For the price, I'd recommend this over other options as you get a lot more bang for your buck. Having the ankle straps will make a huge difference in your glute workouts, and all of the resistance level options allow you to challenge every muscle group optimally.

Mine always comes with me on vacation as an easy way to get my sweat on.



4. Nutribomb Medium Fill N Go Supplement Funnel

This is such a game changer for the ladies that go straight to the gym from work! These little compartments allow you to store your protein powder, BCAAs, and other supplements in a little container with a funnel so that you can add your supplements to your water bottle on the go!

It’s an easy way to prevent spillage and avoid carrying around whole tubs of aminos or pre workout, whatever it is you use prior to your gym sesh.

This is a sure fire way to be diligent about taking your supps without lugging around all the extra baggage. So smart!

If you haven’t tried these, I HIGHLY recommend you get on it! These products will make it significantly easier for you to stick to your workouts and give each workout your very best. I’ve tried a lot of products and these 4 are a few that I simply will not go without.

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