Low Calorie Desserts: Macro Friendly Ways to Conquer Your Sweet Tooth


In case this is your first time here, welcome! I’m Emily - a health nut / physique sport junkie / online fitness coach / Ben & Jerry’s ADDICT.

I am currently on bikini competition prep numero three in pursuit of my qualification for nationals. My goal is to earn my pro card from the NPC, which means my first stop is a nationally qualifying competition. If you’re interested in seeing more of what a day in the life looks like on competition prep, let’s be friends on Instagram! I share tons of meal ideas, workouts, mindset posts, and client transformations on there. 

PS- Please do NOT read through my training and diet regimen and think this is what you should be doing to lose weight or reach your own fitness goals. This is for my body, time commitment, goals, and metabolism. If you would like help with getting started on a plan that is special to YOUR needs, schedule, likes, and dislikes, I would be more than happy to help you HERE.

Beating the Sweet Tooth

And now to get crackin' on why you're here! The sweet tooth. To say that I have a sweet tooth would be the understatement of the century. BUT... I am also on a reduced calories right now for my sport, and I take it very seriously. 

I don't think anyone should have to suffer to reach their fitness goals. I think you should be able to eat what you like regardless of what your caloric intake looks like right now. With that being said, I am here to present all the dessert options that have been saving my life as I diet down for my competition!

These are dessert ideas that won't cost you all your macros but TASTE like they should! Because nobody likes a diet dessert that doesn't taste half as good as the real thing. 

Ben & Jerry's Moophoria 

I have tried many diet ice creams and this is by far my favorite. I will list some of the others for you to try as well but I will tell you that if you like these flavors, nothing else is going to compare. 

Many diet ice creams have a "diet taste." They end up having the flavor and texture of a frozen protein shake versus the creaminess of real ice cream. 

There are three flavors available:

Chocolate Milk & Cookies

140 calories per serving

22g C / 4.5g F / 3g P 

P.B. Dough

160 calories per serving 

25g C / 5g F / 4g P 

Caramel Cookie Fix 

150 calories per serving 

25g C / 4.5g F / 3g P

Blue Bell Fudge Bars

These are amazing! Completely different consistency then the above ice creams. It absolutely has a chewy, fudge texture and taste. 

I like these when I want something sweet but don't have the carbs available to make room for one of the above ice cream options. 

110 calories per bar

15g C / 4g F / 3g P

Sugar Free Pudding Mix

If you haven't seen the protein packed pudding concoction I make with this click here. The image is pin-able so you can save for later!

I use high protein Greek yogurt and mix with this pudding mix, then add fruit or cereal. It is DELICIOUS. I enjoy this as much as a bowl of ice cream. 

25 calories per serving

6g C / 0g F / 0g P

I like to opt for Dannon Light and Fit nonfat vanilla greek yogurt or Yoplait YQ plain greek yogurt. (Don't worry! I hate the taste of plain greek yogurt but when you add the pudding mix it is AMAZING!)

Here are the macros for the two yogurts:

Dannon Light & Fit

130 calories per serving

13g C / 0g F/ 18g P

Yoplait YQ Plain Greek Yogurt with Ultra Filtered Milk

160 calories per serving

3g C/ 4.5g F/ 26g P

So the big difference here is just whether you want to pick something with no fat and higher carbs or higher fat and lower carbs. 

A Couple of Other Fabulous Macro Friendly Ice Creams

On the off chance you don't fall madly in love with the Ben & Jerry's options above, I suggest you try some of these!

Yasso Frozen Greek Yogurt Chocolate Fudge Bar 

These are another great option for my fudge loving ladies. I will say that I personally prefer the Blue Bell fudge bars to this one but I can definitely get behind these as well... and they might be easier for you to find in your local grocery store!

80 calories per bar

15g C / 0g F / 6g P