Macro Friendly Must Haves - What's in my Fridge


As an NPC competitor and online training & nutrition coach, the question I get asked most often hands down is "What do you eat?" I will preface this post with this - When it comes to weight loss, the correct question isn't what. It's how much. BUT... the fridge staples I am about to show you have excellent macros (protein, carbs, and fats) per serving, which allows me to eat more food for less calories and lose weight/build my body most effectively.

The Basics

It's important to have a nice distribution of proteins, carbs, AND fats. Your body needs a certain amount of fats and protein to maintain normal bodily function, and carbs are the body's main source of energy.

Having a variety of each ensures that you're getting proper amounts of every macronutrient and, if you're like me and track your macros to specific targets, the variety makes it a lot easier to hit your targets correctly. 

The options I'm showing you are the macro friendly options I never leave the grocery store without. These are the basic staples. 


Many people don't realize this but fruits and vegetables ARE carb sources. So if you're someone who claims to be on a low carb or no carb diet.... well.... chances are you've been consuming more than you realize. 

The good news is, fruits and veggies are awesome high volume carb options! Meaning you can eat a lot for very few macros and, therefore, very few calories. 

I usually don't buy my veggies fresh... you can or you can opt not to. To be honest, if I buy them fresh they will likely sit in the fridge until they expire because I probably won't want to prep them... Buying them frozen is better than not buying them at all. 

ANYWAYS.. onto the macros:

Publix Italian Salad Greens

1.2g C / 0g F / .4g P for a 1 cup serving size

Eat Smart Vegetable Medley

5g C / 0g F / 2g P for a 3 oz serving size


10g C / .2g F / .5g P for .5 cup serving size

Quaker Oats (Coconut & Caramel Flavor)

31g C / 2.5g F / 5g P for 1 packet serving size


To be perfectly honest, this will probably look different for you and I right now because my fats are pretty low as I approach my bodybuilding competition. Please do not take this to mean you should be on a low fat diet. Every body is different and has different needs depending on your metabolism and goals. For me right now, my fats are low so, for the most part, just the trace amount of fats I get from my carb or protein focused foods are sufficient to get me hitting my fats target each day. 

However, I still keep some fat heavy options on hand a) because there are days where I have fats left over at the end of the day and room to eat these foods and b) I have a hubby who is not competing and very much likes having his guac :) 

Good Stuff Guacamole 

2g C / 3.5 g F / 1 g P for 2 tbsp serving size

Publix Salted Halves & Pieces Cashews

8g C / 13g F / 5g P  for .2 cup serving size

JIF Extra Crunchy Peanut Butter

3g C / 8g F / 3.5g P for 1 tbsp serving size


I personally like to have the widest variety of proteins on hand because having options that are higher and lower in fats and carbs allows me to enjoy sides that might be a little heavier on another macro. 

Shrimp and chicken, for example have been great protein options for me because the lower fat allows me to enjoy maybe a fatty dessert after my meal. If I don't have a lot of fats left but need to hit a higher protein AND carb target, then my nonfat Greek yogurt is a good option. 

Egg-Lands Best Whole Eggs

0g C / 4g F / 6g P for 1 egg

Egg-Lands Best Egg Whites

0g C / 0g F / 5g P for 3 tbsp serving size

Dannon Light & Fit Greek Nonfat Vanilla Yogurt

13g C / 0g F / 18g P for 225 g serving size

Publix Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast

0g C / 2.5g F/ 28g P for 4 oz serving size

Publix Medium Shrimp Cooked & Frozen

0g C / 1.5g F/ 21g P for 9 shrimp