How to Stay Motivated Towards Health and Fitness Goals


1. Start small

Slow and steady definitely wins this race. Weight loss and a healthy lifestyle are long term changes that require consistency and discipline more than anything else. 

Before you launch into a 6 day/week training program, consider how much time you think you could realistically commit EVERY WEEK towards an exercise program.

The sessions don’t need to be long. An intense 30 minute sweat session is enough to get your heart rate up and those calories burning. 

When you’re just getting started, think about what you KNOW you could stick to for the next 4 weeks, 8 weeks, or 16 weeks. Start there. Once you’ve stuck to this commitment for a couple weeks, you’ll gain momentum and the confidence to add more training sessions!

It’s more encouraging to start with a goal that challenges you but doesn’t seem so far out of reach that you’ll give up before giving it a chance. 

2. Spice it up by varying your workouts. 

There are many ways to change things up. I personally never give my clients the same workout twice. Why? Because it’s boring to do the same thing week to week!

I know that if they’re having fun and trying a new routine every training session, they are more likely to stick to their training long term. If you’re putting your own workouts together and just don’t have the time to come up with this many training sessions, try making changes to your workouts every 4 weeks. 

Another great way to keep it interesting is to incorporate group fitness. As a spin instructor myself, I’m a huge fan of these classes for keeping people motivated and bringing a fun social aspect to their health and wellness journey.

Joining a local sports league is another great option to break a sweat and change things up. The beauty is, it won’t feel like work when you start incorporating these fun activities into your weekly exercise commitments!

3. Give yourself a deadline. 

It’s important to set specific, measurable goals to remain motivated. Putting numbers to your aspirations makes it explicitly clear whether you are succeeding or failing, which is often the kick in the butt we need to keep moving. 

This might mean setting a goal weight you would like to achieve in a certain number of weeks. You could also set a goal to run your first 5k race on a certain day or enter your first bikini competition.

Having a deadline will keep you working diligently and will also help you to set smaller goals such as weight loss per week or distance ran per week. 

4. Promise yourself an end reward and then visualize it often.

I mean, the results are a reward in themselves but it does help to make it a little more interesting.

Buy yourself a dress 2 sizes smaller than you wear now and when you don’t feel like training, picture yourself in your new smaller clothes and how great it’s going to feel to fit into them!

Or maybe the end reward is a trip to the beach you’ve been dying to take but put on the back burner because you don’t feel awesome in a swim suit. Can you see yourself on a beach having fun with friends and not worrying for a second about your body in a bikini? 

5. Get an accountability partner. 

It’s important not to keep your goals to yourself. Humans are social creatures and it’s pretty natural for us to care what others thing and not want to let down our loved ones.

Speak your health goals into existence! Tell someone who will ask you often how your workouts are going or someone who won’t hesitate to question you when you’re eating half a box of pizza in front of them. 

This is SO important to long term success. If you need a little extra tough love and a push, I highly suggest hiring a coach. You will have a helping hand to guide and support you every step of the way while providing a constant reminder to keep going.

It’s a lot harder to slack off when you have to answer to someone about that spike in your weight at the end of the week! The bonus is, your coach will do the heavy lifting when it comes to your nutrition recommendations and creating your workouts, which means you can fully devote yourself to getting them done and sticking to your plan!

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