The Difference Between Competition Prep & Lifestyle Training and Nutrition


There are definitely some important distinctions between the training and nutrition for someone looking to compete and someone aiming to make fitness a part of a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

The Brutally Honest Truth - Competing is Extreme

Guys, the goals are TOTALLY different. If you’re getting ready to compete, you’re looking to bring your body fat down to levels that are not healthy or sustainable long term. Competitors do not STAY at these levels. So if you’re not competing, you shouldn’t even aim to touch them.

Within the competition realm, your training is significantly more intense. The goal really isn’t balance. That’s just the brutal honesty of the situation. You’re sacrificing more time, more effort, and more energy because you’re bringing your physique to an elite, unsustainable level for a show.

Lifestyle Training Explained

Within lifestyle training, the goal is to have your training blend seamlessly into your life. You’re not spending hours in the gym. You don’t have to work hard to fit in all the training. Fitness SUPPLEMENTS a full, balanced lifestyle. It’s about being your healthiest overall.

Competition training is a temporary state of being. I’ve always come out the other side eating significantly more food (after a proper reverse diet) and training for FUN. If I’m not competing, I’m not in the gym for hours. I’m in the gym for whatever amount of time FEELS good and allows me to spend time on my relationships and building on other hobbies and interests. I essentially return to a more lifestyle oriented training style (with an added focus on areas that I need to improve to make me better come competition.)

Hope that makes sense! I think it’s important to know the differences to have realistic expectations for yourself, your time commitment, and your goal setting.

You shouldn't feel obligated to spend the same amount of time in the gym as someone training for a physique sport. If you would like help with your training programming, I would love to get you started on a personalized plan that fits YOUR goals here!


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