The Truth About Detox Cleanses for Weight Loss


There are soo many dieting options out there that it can be incredibly overwhelming and confusing to figure out what actually works. Detox cleanses have become a fairly popular choice for people looking to get healthy, lose weight fast, and detox their body.

Unfortunately though, I think they’re BS.

The main purpose of a cleanse is to eliminate toxins from your body. That alone is counterproductive for your body’s health…

Huh? Allow me to explain.

Everything is toxic to some extent. We consume toxins in all the food we eat, we put them on our skin, on and in our bodies... they’re everywhere. But things have different levels of toxicity- i.e. different probabilities that they will cause disease when they come into contact with your body.

The vitamins you consume in your food everyday? Guess what? They’re toxins. In reasonable amounts, vitamins help your body function optimally. In extreme amounts though, they can lead to serious health issues. Your body has perfectly good, natural systems to regulate toxin levels. We breathe, sweat, poop, and pee out everything we don’t need to hold on to.

And oddly enough, you know what helps these systems function best? Those same nutrients that could also be considered “toxins.”

So what does this mean your detox cleanse is doing? WELL… your cleanse is removing a lot of the nutrients you need to keep your detox systems healthy. It is completely counterproductive.

As far as weight loss goes, the majority of the weight loss you experience on a detox is temporary and comes from the depletion of your body’s water and carb stores. As soon as you get back to your regular diet, you simply put the weight back on… and probably suffered a lot to do so.

Moral of the story here is: skip the detox and focus on a diet full of whole, nutrient dense food sources.. If it seem too good to be true… if it seems like a quick fix… it probably does not work. A great approach to weight loss is to focus on the 80/20 rule - 80% of your diet should be made up of whole, nutrient dense food sources with 20% allowance for “fun” foods you are craving.

As an online health coach, I preach a flexible dieting lifestyle. Clients learn that they can eat ANY foods they enjoy but consume most of their calories from nutrient dense foods. This, mixed with a fun exercise routine tailored specifically to their own time constraints, likes, and dislikes, creates results and SUSTAINS results.

You don’t need to suffer to achieve a body and a life that you love! If you’re ready to make a serious lifestyle change but do not know where to start, fill out this form and we will hop on the phone to talk through a game plan that will finally get you the results you’re looking for without restrictions.