These Products are a Game Changer for Your Fitness Journey



Amino IV: This product contains your 3 BCAAs - branch chain amino acids, which are the real MVP in your muscle recovery, maintenance, and growth. BCAAs are essential amino acids, which means they aren’t found naturally in your bod. You have to get them from food. Your body needs all 9 essential amino acids to make muscle protein, and if you don’t have them all, your body will take from existing muscle protein (breaking down the muscle you already have- we don’t want that.) Amino IV has all 9 essential amino acids in it. I sip it throughout my workout to help with muscle recovery, maintenance, and development.


TruCreatine: Taking creatine helps with strength, performance, and muscle development because it helps your body make more ATP faster than it could on its own.

ATP molecules provide your body with the energy that it needs for day to day activities and also for exercise! When you’re performing at a high intensity, your body can’t make ATP fast enough to keep you performing at the same intensity for longer bouts. That’s where creatine comes in. It also sends water to your muscles, making them more full and increasing size. 


100% Whey: Whey absorbs more quickly than other protein and also stimulates muscle growth.

You have a couple options here- I take an isolate/concentrate blend, vs. taking isolate or concentrate. Isolate has less carbs and fat than concentrate but is also missing a lot of nutrients that you would still get if you were taking concentrate. It all comes down to your goals. If you’re dieting down and have low carb/fat macros, it might make more sense to take isolate for example. 


Foam Roller: Self-myofascial release is so important for your recovery and injury prevention! Think of it like your own at-home/at-gym massage. This will improve your body's movement, range of motion, and recovery time.


Beats Headphones: I feel like this one speaks for itself. It's a full blown concert in your ears.

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