4 Tips to Ensure You Always Hit Your Daily Protein Goal


Benefits of Protein in Your Diet

I find that protein is often the hardest macronutrient target for my clients (and for me!) to hit each day. However, it’s extremely important to get within 5 grams of your daily goal.

Your protein goal is there to help you develop the best possible body composition as you transform. It’s going to help you build muscle and recover properly.

Many of us know the power protein has in our muscle growth and repair. In addition to this, protein helps to develop and repair ALL tissues in the body.

Our body needs protein for pH balance, immune function, and to regulate hormones. Protein is also used in cell turnover - so think about when your skin cells regenerate for example. Replacement of old cells with new cells requires protein. 

Here are my top tips for hitting that protein goal every single day. 

1. Set Meal Goals 

Take your daily protein goal and divide it by however many meals you plan to eat each day or set individual targets for each meal. I usually find that I do better when I front load as much protein as I can into my breakfast and lunch.

As the day goes on, it’s harder and harder for me to get my protein in so this has helped me a lot with hitting my daily goal. 

This strategy is going to help you stay on track because you know your meal has to have a certain amount of protein each time. You won’t end the day with a bunch of protein left over and no idea what to fill it with. 

2. Sneak Extra Protein in Where You Can

One of my favorite tricks is adding liquid egg whites to my oatmeal as a substitution for water. I still add a teeny bit of water before I put it in the microwave to maintain its normal texture. You don’t even taste the egg whites when they’re in a large bowl of oats but it boosts your protein intake easily!

I usually add anywhere from 140-190 grams, which adds 15-20 grams of protein. 

There are a couple of other easy swaps you can make to increase protein. Dave’s Killer Bread, for example, has 5 grams of protein per slice. You can also add protein powder and eggs to your oats or pancake mix to amp up the protein in your carb heavy breakfast items. 

For extra protein in my snacks I love adding peanut butter to fruit or toast or having a serving of pistachios. I also love Dannon Light & Fit Greek Yogurt. I add sugar free pudding mix to it when I am craving something sweet and it helps me hit my protein!

The trick is to make sure that even your carb and fat sources have a little protein as well. Every gram counts.

3. Have Bars and Powder on Hand

I would advise you to get most of your protein from nutrient rich, whole food sources but having protein bars and powder on hand helps you add a little extra protein into your snacks.

These are great for emergencies or a quick breakfast on the go. I suggest using a whey protein as this has greater leucine content. Leucine is what helps with the muscle building process. 

4. Prep 1-2 Protein Sources for the Week Ahead of Time in Bulk

I am not into cooking big, extravagant meals. My culinary abilities are pretty minimal, and I’m honestly just too impatient to spend more than half an hour doing anything in the kitchen. Thankfully, half an hour is all it takes to prep my proteins for the whole week.

I usually air fry boneless skinless chicken breasts or prep lean ground beef in the skillet and just portion that out over the week as needed. It’s easy and it leaves zero room for excuses from me because everything is already prepared and ready to heat up and eat. 

There are endless options for your protein sources!

If you’d like a complete list, you can get one below. This is my personal cheat sheet for easy, efficient grocery shopping. I can quickly pick 2 protein sources, 2 carbs, and 2 fats to mix and match for various options each week. 

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