Total Body Cable Machine Workout


Hi babycakes! 

I know there's nothin' worse than being at the gym and there's limited equipment to work with. But it doesn't mean you can't still get a freakin' amazing sweat! 

Follow along on this workout video for demos of each exercise, my cool sloth socks, and a creepy painting in my apartment gym.... not sure what they're trying to do with the decor in here but I guess it kept things fun, right?! 

Step by step written instructions are below! Nailing down the form is important for injury prevention and optimal muscle growth.

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Exercise Instructions 

This workout is meant to be performed 3 sets of 15 reps for each exercise. Pick a weight at which you can complete the whole set with good form and 2 additional reps if you had to.

If you pick a weight that leaves you feeling like you still have 10 reps left in the tank, the weight is too light. If you feel like you're failing on the last rep of every set, the weight is too heavy.

Make sure to control the negative of each movement. This means that, as you return to the starting position of the movement, maintain control of the cable/decelerate the motion. Don't just drop it. The muscle should still be working on the return to the start position. 

Kneeling Cable Crunches

Kneel in front of a cable station with a rope attachment connected to the top pulley.

Hold each end of the rope to your forehead for stability.

Keep your hips stationary and bend at the waist so that your upper body travels downward and towards your thighs. 

Pause and then slowly return to the starting position. 

Cable Pull Throughs

Connect a rope attachment to the bottom pulley. 

Turn away from the cable station and grip the rope between your legs. 

With your knees bent and your upper body bent over, pull the cable through and upward.

Extend the knees and drive your upper body upward using your glutes.

Squeeze the glutes at the top and then slowly return to the starting position.

Cable Flyes

Stand between two cable stations, facing away from them. 

Grip the handles attached to high pulleys on either side of you.

Arms should be outstretched and knees should be bent. Lean forward a bit. 

With a slight bend in your elbows, bring your arms together in front of you.

Slowly return to the starting position until you feel a stretch in your chest. 

Single Arm Lat Pulldown 

Set up a cable station with a single hand attachment attached to the top pulley.

Kneel on the floor next to the station.

Using an overhand grip, hold the handle as wide as comfortable. 

Pull the handle down so that your elbow comes toward the side of your body.

Pause and squeeze your shoulders together.

Slowly return to the starting position.

Cable Upright Rows 

Attach a straight bar to the low pulley. 

Face the station with feet shoulder width apart. 

Hold the bar with an overhand grip and hands shoulder width apart.

Raise the bar upward until it is right below your chin.

Pause and then slowly lower to the starting position.

Cable Squat Walk Backs

Attach a straight bar to the low pulley.

Stand slightly away from the cable machine so the slack tightens. Hold the bar with an overhand grip. 

Bend your knees so that your thighs are about parallel with the ground.

Take one step backward with one foot and then the other. 

Repeat several times and then walk the bar forward in the same motion. 

Standing Bicep Cable Curls

Attach the straight bar to the low pulley. Stand close to the station with feet shoulder width apart.

Hold the bar with a shoulder width underhand grip. 

Elbows should be close to your sides.

Keep the upper arms completely stationary and raise the forearms upward and toward your shoulders.

Pause and then slowly return to the starting position.

Tricep Cable Push Downs

Attach a straight bar to the top pulley.

Hold the bar slightly more narrow than shoulder width and with an overhand grip.

With feet shoulder width apart and knees slightly bent, push the bar down until your arms are fully extended.

Pause, squeeze your triceps, and then slowly return to the starting position.

I hope you enjoyed this! You don't need a ton of equipment for a fabulous workout. Especially if the gym is packed and space is limited, park your booty in front of a cable station and get yourself a great total body workout! 

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