5 Benefits of Training Your Core


Guess what? There are more benefits to training your core than you probably even knew about! In this post, let's go over all the advantages of a strong core. Beautiful 6 pack abs are just the beginning, friend! 

1. Better Posture

Strong core muscles contribute to good posture and prevent you from slouching. This protects your spine, helps you to breathe deeply, and perform exercises with appropriate form. 

2. Better Balance

Your core muscles are vital for your balance. 

Especially during compound exercises, your body engages the core to keep you upright and stable. Weak core muscles can lead to injury during exercise because your form is compromised and you cannot maintain control throughout the whole movement. 

3. Prevents and Treats Low Back Pain

Many people suffer from low back pain because of a sedentary lifestyle. Most of us have jobs that require us to sit at a desk for long hours. Your body is smart and adapts to the activities that we require it to do most on a day to day basis. If you're sitting a lot, well... your body becomes the world's best sitter.

This means that if you're sitting all day, you're probably slumped into a chair with no need to use your back muscles. These muscles become under active and weak, leading to the pain that you feel. 

A strong core can help relieve lower back pain by strengthening your stabilizer muscles. 

4. Efficient Completion of Every Day Tasks

You use your core for any movement that requires you to stand, bend over, pick something up, etc. 

Strong core muscles allow you to complete such tasks with ease. 

5. Builds the Ab Muscles

Of course, most of us love core training because of the aesthetic gains we receive from working the core! 

Core training builds the abdominals to create that beautiful 6 pack look we all lust after.

Just keep in mind that these exercises alone are not enough to get rid of belly fat and expose the ab muscles. A proper diet is needed to achieve the overall body fat level needed to expose the muscles. 

Try this Ab Workout to Build a Strong Core

Ready to try a killer ab workout?

Click here for a super intense and effective bodyweight ab workout that you can try at the gym or at home! 

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