5 Features of a Healthy, Fitness Conscious Mindset


When it comes to improving your health and fitness, your mindset is half the battle. Your inner dialogue affects the actions that you take and your attitude along your health and fitness journey. 

Below, I cover 5 statements that are important key features of a healthy fitness conscious mindset. It's okay if you're not yet at a place where all 5 statements resonate with you. Each point provides an action step for you to take so, if you're not there yet, you have an actionable plan to incorporate these themes into your mindset. 

Please note that these are general tips for improving your mindset around food and your body from the perspective of a fitness professional. But if you're deeply struggling with disordered eating and body image, you should see a qualified professional in that area of expertise. 

1. “I workout because I love my body not because I hate it.”

The healthiest way to start or maintain a workout routine is to come from a place of love for your body and self care. Be proud of where you’re at and what your body is already capable of while seeking to improve and grow stronger.

Many women struggle with this, and that’s okay! It just means it’s something to work on. You CAN change your perspective over time.

Action Step: Come up with 3-5 things that you love about your body and what it’s capable of. Then look back at this list daily or as often as needed to reinforce how awesome it already is! Because it IS.

Examples could be: “I love that I have the strength and energy to come home and play with my daughter after work.” Or “I love that I can make it through an entire spin class because my legs are powerful.” Chances are you can think of at least a couple things you’re already psyched about! Reinforce these so you can come from a place of love and self betterment.

2. “It’s okay for me to skip a workout.”

This is so important. Exercise should always come from a place of love and joy and gratitude for your health. When you start worrying about skipping a single workout, it’s shifting from this mindset to an obligation.

We don’t want to look at exercise as something we HAVE to do but rather, something we GET to do. And if you’re feeling really sore, tired, or emotionally drained, maybe an extra day off is exactly what you need to recover.

Action Step: The next time you are feeling sore or drained, allow yourself to take the day to recover. Remind yourself that exercise is a blessing and don't entertain the thoughts that tell you you shouldn't be skipping  a day or that skipping this one workout will set you far behind. 

These negative thoughts are far from the truth and don't serve you well emotionally or physically. 

3. “My self worth is not dependent on what the scale says.”

You are SO much more than your relationship with gravity! Fitness and being healthy is so much more than that number as well. While weight can be a good indicator of progress made, it doesn’t tell the whole story.

Muscle weighs more than fat. You could make huge changes to your body composition without seeing the scale move. Want proof? Check out my own body composition transformation below. Same weight but a heck of a lot more muscle in the second photo.

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Hey! It's been a minute. 🤩 I took a SM hiatus to put my head down and WERK. 😤 . But I am back and the fire is LIT to bring health and wellness education back to my little piece of the web. 🔥 . Y'ALL. Left is over a year ago before my last competition prep. I was massively under eating due to grief, stress, and anxiety. Many days were under 1,000 calories because I just felt too anxious to eat. Anyone else been there? . I'm now scarfing down a whopping 2,700 calories a day. 🐷 . And I'm just a single pound heavier than a year ago. . Please don't stress sooo hard about the scale! It doesn't tell the whole story. 📖 . Your body can look totally different at the same weight due to changes in muscle mass and fat mass. 💪 . You could be making huge changes in your physique and metabolism without seeing the scale change at all. . It's just a number! You are sooo much more than your love/hate relationship with gravity. 💁‍♀️ #griefandloss #fthescale #losefatgainmuscle #healthybody #foodisfuel #nutritiontips #flexiblediet #flexibledieter #buildyourbody #buildingmuscle #losingfat #flexibledieting #balancednotclean #ifitfitsyourmacros #iifymgirls

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Plus, your weight can fluctuate from day to day from things that are totally unrelated to whether or not you’ve been training hard and eating right. More on that HERE.

Action step: Start to incorporate other methods of measuring progress in addition to stepping on the scale. That way, you can get a better understanding of where you're at. I go over some other great ways to measure progress here. 

4. “There are no good or bad foods. No foods are off limits.”

It’s important not to set rules around what you can and can’t eat. Creating labels for “good” and “bad” foods can lead to feelings of guilt around foods that you enjoy that may not be as nutrient dense.

While we want to give our bodies all of the nutrients they need to thrive, we also want to allow ourselves to indulge in the foods we love. This creates healthy balance and a healthy relationship with food and ourselves. 

Action Step: Make a point to include at least one food you love each day  or every couple of days. Remind yourself that there are no good or bad foods. Incorporate a diet full of whole nutrient dense foods but allow room to enjoy the treats that you love.

5. “My health and fitness journey is different from everyone else’s. My body is special so I don’t compare it to others.”

We’ve all fallen victim to comparisonitis before. And it’s never fun or productive. Your body is unique! Your genes are unique, your shape is unique, your metabolism is unique, and the way you respond to training stimuli is unique.

Do not get caught in the game of comparing yourself or your body to someone else. You are special and have your own unique, beautiful qualities. Appreciate what YOU can do and how YOU’VE grown and progressed along your journey. 

Action Step: The next time you catch yourself comparing your body or health journey to someone else's, remind yourself that you are your own person with your own unique path and strengths. 

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