How to Stay Fit While Traveling


One of the questions I am asked most often is how to maintain progress with a health and fitness routine while traveling. Let’s face it, life happens and you can’t live your whole life counting calories and being perfectly militant about your training regimen. 

One of the most important values I preach to my clients is finding balance in their lives. Life is not lived in the gym or weighing everything you eat or missing out on memories because of your fitness goals. 

That being said, you can absolutely MAINTAIN the progress that you’ve made while enjoying a vacation/work trip/ whatever it may be. Here are some trips and tricks for maintaining your progress away from home:

1. Before every meal drink a glass of water. 

There are a couple reasons this is important.

First off, many times when we think we’re hungry, we’re actually just dehydrated. Chugging some H20 before you eat ensures you’re eliminating the chance of overeating as a response to dehydration. 

Drinking more water also helps to prevent bloating and digestion issues. Especially on vacay, you’re likely eating a lot of junk food/high calorie/fatty foods which are also likely very high in sodium. This can create a few issues.

Your body likes to maintain a balance between sodium and water. If you’re not hydrating properly and eating sodium heavy food, your body will hold onto any and all water that you give it. Drinking more water will restore the balance and prevent unnecessary water retention.

Moreover, if you’re dieting down, there’s a chance your body might not be accustomed to all of the high fat foods you’re suddenly giving it. If you’re eating a lot of foods that feel foreign for your body, you might have some digestion trouble. Keeping your water intake up ensures that you have regular bowel movements even while you’re eating more and differently than usual. 

2. Try some AMRAP plyometric workouts. 

If your hotel doesn’t have a gym on site, you can STILL get a workout in! It doesn’t have to be a lengthy one. It’s sufficient to do some 30 minute circuit workouts. Plyometric bodyweight workouts are great for getting your blood pumping and getting a sweat on when you don’t have access to any equipment!

Try an AMRAP workout in which you do a series of bodyweight plyometric exercises for as many rounds as possible in 30-40 minutes. You will get a lot done in a short amount of time and not feel like your sweat sesh is seriously cutting into your R&R time. 

3. Allow yourself to enjoy all the foods you like but stop when you’re full!

The key here is to listen to your body’s hunger cues. You don’t need to haul your Tupperware around on vacation or live off of restaurant salads. Eat the fun foods! Enjoy yourself! Just don’t make yourself sick. I firmly believe that vacations should be ENJOYED and a couple days of freedom will NOT derail progress. 

4. If you’re drinking alcohol, there are some sneaky tricks to keep your calories down.

If you don’t mind straight liquor, taking shots will keep your cals much lower than consuming mixed drinks all night. However, be mindful not to go overboard! The goal isn’t to lose control and remember that alcohol in large amounts reduces your inhibitions AKA drunk eating galore! Be careful!

If you prefer to stick to your mixed drinks, opt for a zero cal mixer like coke zero or diet pepsi. You’d be surprised at how quickly all of the soda cals add up otherwise! Red wine or lite beers are also great options if you enjoy them as you can enjoy more for less calories. I also highly suggest starting your night with a good hearty meal so you don’t feel the need to go overboard on food after you have a good buzz going. 

5. When exploring a new area, opt to walk or ride bikes over drive whenever possible!

It’s a great way to get some steps in and break a sweat while fully experiencing a new place. 

6. Do a little grocery shopping for snack food or raid the hotel continental breakfast for some easy go-to’s like bananas, apples, and cereal.

Protein and granola bars are also great to have on hand. Have these handy while you’re out and about so you’re less likely to give in and hit the drive thru every time you’re hungry! Definitely enjoy some meals out but in between, balance them with nutrient rich snacks. 

7. When you return from your trip, get back to your normal routine.

Do NOT freak out after you check your weight and do NOT immediately add cardio and reduce your calories. Your body loves consistency and routine. After a week back on your normal schedule, your body will bounce back! Remember, a lot of the extra weight is water and sodium. Drink your water, return to your normal caloric intake, and utilize the extra food to train hard! 

Having health and fitness goals DOES NOT mean that you have to stop enjoying life! Ultimately, life is about making memories with loved ones and a healthy diet and exercise is merely meant to supplement a happy, balanced life.

Enjoy your time of relaxation and allow yourself the break from rigid every day structure! Remember, a couple of days to unwind will not derail progress made prior. Take a deep breath, enjoy your time away from the gym and the food scale, and get back on the horse when you return! 

Are you struggling to find a balance between meeting your fitness goals while also enjoying life? Do you feel like you can’t have a body you love while also enjoying travel, drinks with friends, and spontaneous outings? Your social life does not have to suffer just because you want to transform your body!

If you’re tired of unsuccessfully juggling life and your health goals, I am here to help you with a fitness game plan that brings balance back into your life. Apply for customized training and nutrition plans here so you can finally get on a training routine and diet plan that fits seamlessly into your life! Let me show you that you CAN have your dream body AND your dream life. 

Once your application is received, I will get in touch with you to discuss packages, pricing, and plan details so you can stop feeling lost on your training and nutrition and start focusing on becoming your very best self!