Upgrade Your Leg Workout with These 5 Moves


Ready to hit legs?! This workout is honestly one of my faves. I recommend doing these moves with 8-12 reps each to focus on building muscle. If your weight is challenging enough for you, this rep range should feel HARD! So make sure you're lifting heavy enough.

How to Pick Your Weight Sizes

I teach my clients the 2 rep rule: You should end a set feeling like you have about 2 reps left in the tank. If you finish a set and feel like you could perform another 10 reps, you're going way too light. If you barely make it to the last rep or fail before the last rep, you probably need to take some weight off. Our focus is always to lift heavy but not so heavy that we compromise proper form! 

New to Lifting Weights?

If you're fairly new to lifting, try the first 3 moves with one of the smaller fixed barbells - the ones that you can't take the plates off. They're just set at a certain weight. The bar I am using here is 45 lb + the plate weights. As a beginner, start lighter and focus first on nailing the form down! Then you can increase weight until you feel comfy with the 45 lb bar. 

How to Engage Your Core and Why You Need To

Be sure to engage your core! In order to do this, pretend someone is about to punch you in the stomach. You wouldn't suck the abs in or stay relaxed, right? You'd probably try to make them tighter so you'd feel less pain. This is how you get the abs involved and protect your spine throughout the movement. This is super important! Practice, practice, practice!

The Workout (8-12 reps each) 

1. Conventional Deadlift

2. Romanian Deadlift

3. Bulgarian Split Squat

4. Machine Leg Extension

5. Machine Lying Leg Curl

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