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A Case Against Low Carb Diets

diet keto lowcarb weightloss Mar 09, 2018


As a member of several health/fitness groups on Facebook, I’ve noticed something lately. SO many women are preaching low carb. Excuse me, WHAAAT? WHY?

First of all, I love rice and pasta and fruit and bagels… okay, you get the point. Why put yourself through the torture of giving up the food that makes you happy?

Let me be clear here, I am not saying cutting carbs won’t help you in the short term in a cutting/weight loss phase. BUT if you LIKE carbs… like a lot… Then don’t allow this kind of negativity in your life. Want to know why you see results from cutting out carbs? By taking away an entire food group you’re severely limiting your options and, therefore, you’re more likely to consume less. Period.


Weight loss is ALWAYS simply a result of a caloric deficit - meaning you are taking in less calories than you’re burning. Therefore, it...

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The Importance of Protein for Your Weight Loss Goals


Protein is your magical secret weapon when it comes to weight loss. It is a key component that many people miss when they’re on a mission to lose weight.




There is a difference between fat loss and muscle loss and how each will make your body look. If you’ve ever heard someone use the term “skinny fat” this is what we’re talking about. Fat loss will make your body smaller but will not preserve a tight, firm looking physique. Muscle is what creates your body's ideal, toned shape.

Protein’s key role in your diet is to preserve your body’s muscle mass. When you’re losing weight, your body is prone to losing muscle in ADDITION to fat. 

If your protein intake is insufficient while you’re dieting down, you could be creating other issues for your body.

Your body uses protein for several other important purposes outside muscle preservation: it develops and repairs...

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