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Gym Leg Workout

workouts Mar 16, 2018

The Many Benefits of Leg Day

I don’t know a single lady on this planet that doesn’t want great legs! But leg workouts are potentially the most physically and mentally challenging for people, which explains why some people avoid training them altogether… Before you decide to skip it though, let’s explore the benefits of training those stems -

More Calories Burned

Your legs make up the largest muscles on your body and, therefore, require a lot more energy to do high intensity workouts. What does this mean for you? It means MORE calories burned! Your leg workouts aren’t just helping you build some great pins but they’re all firing up your metabolism more than other resistance training workouts and keeping your body tight and lean.

Build Your WHOLE Body

Leg dominant compound movements also help build the rest of your body! Squats and deadlifts predominantly work your legs but also recruit your core and lower back to assist, making these...

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Emotional Eating : Here's How to Stop Eating Your Feelings

diet Mar 15, 2018

You made it to the end of the week on your new diet! Congrats! You’ve been so meticulous with weighing all your food, cutting out the “dirty” foods, and sticking to your calorie goal. But now it’s Friday, work was AWFUL, you have your period, and all you want is Mexican food.

You decide to have a cheat meal. One meal won’t throw you off and you’ll just get right back to your diet post cheat! It’s harmless…. Right?

It IS harmless if it’s just the fajitas.. But when the fajitas turn into a jumbo margarita and then the margarita becomes a big bowl of ice cream when you get home and then the ice cream becomes cookies because oh my gosh you miss cookies… Well, now there’s a problem.

Emotional eating is such a common problem for women and it can really mess up your diet and your long term health if you continuously struggle with it!

There are a couple ways to put a stop to emotional eating but the first step is...

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How to Get & Stay Lean While Eating More Food

diet Mar 13, 2018

Reverse Dieting

There’s nothing more confusing and motivation shattering than committing to a diet, seeing some weight loss, and then all of a sudden hitting an unexplainable plateau that puts a halt to shedding the pounds. What gives?!

If you’ve ever experienced this or are experiencing it now, just know that you’re not alone. This phenomenon is known as metabolic adaptation and it’s more common than you think - especially if you have a history of dieting.

So what is it?

Glad you asked! If you’ve read 5 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight, you may already have some familiarity with this from my first point. Your body essentially turns on survival mode. It realizes your body fat is getting lower and lower and it does not like this. It has a body fat set point that it likes to hold onto and when you start dipping below this, it responds by finding ways to hold onto as much body fat as it can. How? Your metabolism slows down - your...

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Shoulder Workout for the Gym

shoulders workouts Mar 13, 2018

If you’re looking to build some beautiful sculpted, tank top worthy shoulders, this article is for you! These exercises have been some of my go-tos for developing some serious delt definition. If you’d like even more guidance with this, I highly suggest you join the mailing list to receive your free copy of the Sculpting Sexy Shoulders eBook, which will take you through an elaborate breakdown of all of the different strategies and tips I’ve used to build strong, feminine, sculpted shoulders.

1. Start with an underhand grip (palms facing forward) and your arms down in front of you, resting on your thighs. Your feet should be together and your back should be straight.

2. Slowly rotate your arms up and over your head until the dumbbells meet right above your body. You should have a slight bend in your arms throughout the movement. Your arms should only be rotating at the shoulder joint.

3. Once you reach the top of the movement, slowly bring your arms back...

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How to Workout for Fat Loss

plyometrics workouts Mar 12, 2018

There are hundreds of ways to do this and different methods work for different people. However, I have found one special key to my own fat loss that seems to work well for people across the board: plyometric training.

So what is it?

Plyometric training is a training style also referred to as jump training, which is exactly what it sounds like. It means you are incorporating a variety of jumping movements into your exercise routine.

What’s the point?

This style of training is extremely high intensity, which means it will keep your heart rate up and serve to build your strength while burning fat. Incorporating explosive movements into your training also helps you to increase your power and agility, making it great for sports performance.

My personal strategy is to incorporate these movements between my working sets of an exercise. Essentially, I perform a resistance training exercise and then go straight into a plyometric movement afterwards rather than taking a break...

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5 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight

diet workouts Mar 12, 2018

Hey hey!

You thought you were doing everything right - eating the right foods, meticulously cutting out all of the bad ingredients, working out with intense discipline… and you’re not seeing the weight loss you were hoping for. What gives?!

Friend, this is a problem that SO many face, and there is more than one answer to the problem. Depending on your body and personal weight loss strategy the reason you’re not losing weight could be any one of these things or a combo:

1. Your metabolism has adapted

This one sucks. You’re working your butt off and you thought you’d be seeing results. Maybe you WERE seeing results and all of a sudden they just stopped out of nowhere.

Unfortunately, this is often the case for women who have a more extensive dieting history. You see, your body is super smart. It has a nice comfy level of body fat that it would very much like to hold onto. When you start dipping below this level, your body freaks out. It wants...

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Spring Break Body Workouts

workouts Mar 11, 2018

It’s time to get workin on that bikini bod! Ever walk into a dressing room to try on a bathing suit, feel like a mermaid queen in it and then try on a completely different style only to realize no amount of money could coax you out of the safety of that little room while wearing THAT? UGH! How can you go from feeling fabulous to THIS in a matter of minutes?!

Fear not! Different suits enhance different areas of your bod! Just pick the workout that fits the suit!



Bandeau bathing suits are great for showing off toned, sculpted shoulders. This workout will make your delts pop! Delts are a bit of a specialty for me. If you’re interested in more free help with sculpting amazing shoulders, join my mailing list to receive my free guide Sculpting Sexy Shoulders. You’ll get even more free workouts and a better understanding of training strategies to get your results as quickly as possible!

Lateral Raise video by Livestrong.com 

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A Case Against Low Carb Diets

diet keto lowcarb weightloss Mar 09, 2018


As a member of several health/fitness groups on Facebook, I’ve noticed something lately. SO many women are preaching low carb. Excuse me, WHAAAT? WHY?

First of all, I love rice and pasta and fruit and bagels… okay, you get the point. Why put yourself through the torture of giving up the food that makes you happy?

Let me be clear here, I am not saying cutting carbs won’t help you in the short term in a cutting/weight loss phase. BUT if you LIKE carbs… like a lot… Then don’t allow this kind of negativity in your life. Want to know why you see results from cutting out carbs? By taking away an entire food group you’re severely limiting your options and, therefore, you’re more likely to consume less. Period.


Weight loss is ALWAYS simply a result of a caloric deficit - meaning you are taking in less calories than you’re burning. Therefore, it...

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The Importance of Protein for Your Weight Loss Goals


Protein is your magical secret weapon when it comes to weight loss. It is a key component that many people miss when they’re on a mission to lose weight.




There is a difference between fat loss and muscle loss and how each will make your body look. If you’ve ever heard someone use the term “skinny fat” this is what we’re talking about. Fat loss will make your body smaller but will not preserve a tight, firm looking physique. Muscle is what creates your body's ideal, toned shape.

Protein’s key role in your diet is to preserve your body’s muscle mass. When you’re losing weight, your body is prone to losing muscle in ADDITION to fat. 

If your protein intake is insufficient while you’re dieting down, you could be creating other issues for your body.

Your body uses protein for several other important purposes outside muscle preservation: it develops and repairs...

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Flexible Dieting: How to Lose Weight without a Meal Plan or Diet Restrictions

Uncategorized Mar 06, 2018


If you’ve ever googled how to lose weight or how to eat healthy, you know how unbelievably confusing and contradictory the internet can be when it comes to your health! One minute you’re reading that you should eat high carb, the next that you should eat high fat and low carb. Some say you should go entirely plant based. Some say you should just eat clean, unprocessed foods. It’s mind boggling!

The truth is, you can lose weight on all of these diets. The truth is also that you can gain weight on all of these diets. The truth is also that the best diet is the one that suits your lifestyle the best!


Flexible dieting means NO restrictions. There’s no removing certain foods or whole food groups  from your diet (unless you want or need to for health issues). The reason it works so well is because it doesn’t require you to give up living your normal life to commit to it.




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