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Spring Break Body Workouts

workouts Mar 11, 2018

It’s time to get workin on that bikini bod! Ever walk into a dressing room to try on a bathing suit, feel like a mermaid queen in it and then try on a completely different style only to realize no amount of money could coax you out of the safety of that little room while wearing THAT? UGH! How can you go from feeling fabulous to THIS in a matter of minutes?!

Fear not! Different suits enhance different areas of your bod! Just pick the workout that fits the suit!



Bandeau bathing suits are great for showing off toned, sculpted shoulders. This workout will make your delts pop! Delts are a bit of a specialty for me. If you’re interested in more free help with sculpting amazing shoulders, join my mailing list to receive my free guide Sculpting Sexy Shoulders. You’ll get even more free workouts and a better understanding of training strategies to get your results as quickly as possible!

Lateral Raise video by Livestrong.com 

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A Case Against Low Carb Diets

diet keto lowcarb weightloss Mar 09, 2018


As a member of several health/fitness groups on Facebook, I’ve noticed something lately. SO many women are preaching low carb. Excuse me, WHAAAT? WHY?

First of all, I love rice and pasta and fruit and bagels… okay, you get the point. Why put yourself through the torture of giving up the food that makes you happy?

Let me be clear here, I am not saying cutting carbs won’t help you in the short term in a cutting/weight loss phase. BUT if you LIKE carbs… like a lot… Then don’t allow this kind of negativity in your life. Want to know why you see results from cutting out carbs? By taking away an entire food group you’re severely limiting your options and, therefore, you’re more likely to consume less. Period.


Weight loss is ALWAYS simply a result of a caloric deficit - meaning you are taking in less calories than you’re burning. Therefore, it...

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The Importance of Protein for Your Weight Loss Goals


Protein is your magical secret weapon when it comes to weight loss. It is a key component that many people miss when they’re on a mission to lose weight.




There is a difference between fat loss and muscle loss and how each will make your body look. If you’ve ever heard someone use the term “skinny fat” this is what we’re talking about. Fat loss will make your body smaller but will not preserve a tight, firm looking physique. Muscle is what creates your body's ideal, toned shape.

Protein’s key role in your diet is to preserve your body’s muscle mass. When you’re losing weight, your body is prone to losing muscle in ADDITION to fat. 

If your protein intake is insufficient while you’re dieting down, you could be creating other issues for your body.

Your body uses protein for several other important purposes outside muscle preservation: it develops and repairs...

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Flexible Dieting: How to Lose Weight without a Meal Plan or Diet Restrictions

Uncategorized Mar 06, 2018


If you’ve ever googled how to lose weight or how to eat healthy, you know how unbelievably confusing and contradictory the internet can be when it comes to your health! One minute you’re reading that you should eat high carb, the next that you should eat high fat and low carb. Some say you should go entirely plant based. Some say you should just eat clean, unprocessed foods. It’s mind boggling!

The truth is, you can lose weight on all of these diets. The truth is also that you can gain weight on all of these diets. The truth is also that the best diet is the one that suits your lifestyle the best!


Flexible dieting means NO restrictions. There’s no removing certain foods or whole food groups  from your diet (unless you want or need to for health issues). The reason it works so well is because it doesn’t require you to give up living your normal life to commit to it.




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Get Your Body Spring Break Ready with These Products


Spring break is right around the corner, which means bikini season is coming! Have you been working on your bikini ready bod for spring? It takes a lot of hard work to achieve that toned tummy, slender leg look that makes you feel fab on the beach! But beyond hard work, you can speed up the process of reaching your body goals if you have the right products.

These four products will help you make changes significantly faster and will help you stick to your workout commitments.  


1. PEScience TruCreatine Supplement

To put it simply, creatine helps you perform optimally during your workouts so you can create a body you love as quickly and effectively as possible.

Taking creatine helps with strength, performance, and muscle development because it helps your body make more ATP faster than it could on its own.

ATP molecules provide your body with the energy that it needs for day to day activities and also for exercise! When you’re performing at a high...

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Six Pack Abs Workout for Women


Swimsuit season is fast approaching, which means more and more of us are working on shedding the winter layer and bringin’ on the toned tummy six pack!

Having a strong core brings balance to your body overall and prevents injuries. Not only that but it also prevents back pain and helps you to maintain good posture.

In other words, there’s more to abs than just looking fabulous!... but it’s definitely an added bonus. ;)

Below is a fab ab routine I’ve used to get my tummy ready for bikini competitions and summer vacations alike-

I started with 4 sets of 20 reps of each of these and increased by 5 reps each week. Your abdominals are very quick to recover from muscle trauma and can be worked during every workout if you choose to. In general, if you are a female looking to “tone” the tummy and achieve the look of a small waist, it is best to limit the amount of oblique training you do and focus on body weight and light weight ab exercises.


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How to Warm Up & Why It's Important

workouts Mar 03, 2018

Warming up and stretching matter.

And there’s a strategic way to go about it.

I used to try to get warm ups over with as fast as possible mainly because I get impatient and feel like it’s taking away from the real play time. BUT I’ve also learned the hard way through injuries that it’s key to your continued improvement.

Why is it important?

Warming up gets your heart rate up, increases your circulation, and raises your body temperature. All of these factors are important because they help prepare your body for exercise by loosening your joints and raising blood flow to your muscles. Warming up also prepares your body for very specific ranges of motion it will endure during exercise, thereby preventing injuries.

SO… how do we do it?

1. Start your workout with some light cardio to get the blood flowing. I’m talking LIGHT. Sometimes I get overly excited on the treadmill and it turns into full on high intensity cardio. This isn’t...

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The Truth About Detox Cleanses for Weight Loss

detox diet weight loss Mar 02, 2018


There are soo many dieting options out there that it can be incredibly overwhelming and confusing to figure out what actually works. Detox cleanses have become a fairly popular choice for people looking to get healthy, lose weight fast, and detox their body.

Unfortunately though, I think they’re BS.

The main purpose of a cleanse is to eliminate toxins from your body. That alone is counterproductive for your body’s health…

Huh? Allow me to explain.

Everything is toxic to some extent. We consume toxins in all the food we eat, we put them on our skin, on and in our bodies... they’re everywhere. But things have different levels of toxicity- i.e. different probabilities that they will cause disease when they come into contact with your body.

The vitamins you consume in your food everyday? Guess what? They’re toxins. In reasonable amounts, vitamins help your body function optimally. In extreme amounts though, they can lead to serious health...

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5 Tips to Lose 10 lb - Weight Loss Tips for Women

Uncategorized Mar 01, 2018


I know you... you've been struggling with weight loss and you're freakin' over it, right? You've tried every diet under the sun. It seems every other week you're told to try something new: cut carbs, cut fat, try fasting, do a cleanse. 

It's starting to get super annoying... none of these diets have been sustainable. Throw on top of that that your workouts feel boring and you're tired of feeling like you have to do a ridiculous amount of cardio to see results.

You're over it and I'm over bad information being given to women who feel like they have to suffer to see results. I'm here to tell you it's SO not the case. 

Here are my top 5 tips to lose 10 lb:
1. Figure out your why.

Make a list of reasons this goal matters to you. You can have all of the health and nutrition information in the world but if you don't have a very specific understanding of why you're doing this, you will never reach your goals!

I guarantee you that figuring out...

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Juggling Work and the Gym : How to Balance Work, Life, & Exercise

Uncategorized Feb 27, 2018


Sticking to the plan can feel next to impossible when life happens - as someone who has always been career motivated, I’ve had a really rough time trying to stick to a workout routine myself at times. Some days, it’s like I couldn’t push the “off” button on work and make a little time for myself. I dealt with feelings of GUILT around taking that time to workout.

Other days, it was out of laziness… I’d get home and think to myself - the last thing I am looking to do right now is get off my butt, turn Netflix off, and go sweat it out.

Does that sound like you? First let me say this - you could make the argument that if you are this career driven, taking this time is VITAL to your success.

Reframe the way you look at this time spent: you are clearing your head, relieving stress, and preventing burnout so that your time spent in the office allows you to be 100% on your A game.

The next piece of this is learning to be kind to YOURSELF...

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